books on Wicca religion by author Scott Cunningham are often recommended to me, and this particular one is generally considered to be his most popular and best sold one It s often recommended to beginners instead of advanced practitioners, and I, curious to see what all the fuss was about, decided to check it out.
I have to say, it s definitely not my favourite book on Wicca, and there are much better books out there intended for a beginner s audience I have some issues with the way Cunningham presents Wicca as being either light or dark good or bad He is firm on the fact that a Wicca would never do anything to cause another being harm, and tells aspiring Wiccans to stay away from the dark side of magic From what I ve gathered, Wicca is about When I took my first brave step into exploring paganism this is one of the books I fortunately encountered Although I don t class myself as Wiccan now, it certainly provided a fantastic overview of this spiritual path and introduced me to elements of paganism that I have kept as part of my own belief structure ever since The ancient Celtic calendar, also known as the Wheel of the Year, is given an adequate introduction and there are some beautiful poems and blessings for each Sabbat, plus ideas on how to celebrate, what ritual is and the tools commonly used and their meanings It s a great reference book and ideal for beginners or just those with a curious mind.
Wicca A guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham is an amazing book that was recommended by several wiccan pagan youtubers on youtube This is actually my first wiccan pagan related book that I ve ever read in my entire life I really got interested in the search of my spiritual quest when I discovered this wonderful pagan community in youtube Yet, I wanted to do a littleof research and just searching the net was too much work for my lazy ass I thought for me it would be a little bit easier to start with a book Within a lot of book recommendations I choose this one I highly recommend this book if you are recently starting your spiritual journey into wicca, or paganism My thoughts on it was that wicca is This is Scott Cunningham s attempt at simplifying all things Wicca for the newbie It does cover subjects with a common sense approach, but leaves out many needed fundamentals He does have a gentle voice, very inviting for the inexperienced, won t be appreciate by the seasoned pro.
It is important to note that Scott Cunningham practiced Wicca 20 years and was the author ofthan 50 books He passed from this life on March 28, 1993, after a long illness He is missed.
Blessed be.
Get Your Copy of Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham onNow Meh It s an okay glimpse into a very, very broad pagan witchcraft path, but it s not Wicca, in my opinion I feel like too much time was spent spelling out the differences between Christianity and witchcraft and that it s not devil worship, as if I already didn t know I have a feeling I will be dealing with this a lot in introductory pagan witchcraft books.
It was okay up until his Standing Stone BOS I didn t care much for his prayers or for his spells, as they are not my own and not how I would do things I felt the herb section was useless, but I hear great things about his herb book, so I may check that out I only skimmed through the small gems and candles section because I got bored and wanted to read something else.
I may read through it again to see what can really This book was the second book I ever read about Wicca It helped me so freaking much It made everything idiot proof Which I personally needed when I first started coming from the background I did It s written in a way that is easy to understand, easy to follow, and the author just feels like he s sitting there talking to the reader It s a personal kind of feeling and I loved that so much There is a lot of info in this book, everything one would need to start down this path that they ve chosen Some have said that this book is too fluffy and while I agree that it leans to the lighter side of things I liked that going into this from my background it was a good thing Had it not been so fluffy I might have not continued on So while some people hate the fluffy part, I don t I think these fluffy books are perfect for people like me So I will alway S Classic Introduction To Wicca Is About How To Live Life Magically, Spiritually, And Wholly Attuned With Nature It Is A Book Of Sense And Common Sense, Not Only About Magick, But About Religion And One Of The Most Critical Issues Of Today How To Achieve The Much Needed And Wholesome Relationship With Our Earth Cunningham Presents Wicca As It Is Today A Gentle, Earth Oriented Religion Dedicated To The Goddess And God Wicca Also Includes Scott Cunningham S Own ✓ read ↠´ Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham º Book Of Shadows And Updated Appendices Of Periodicals And Occult Suppliers ä Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner Ì This book was the first one I ever read on Wicca as with most judging by the reviews It literally blew my mind and set me on a path that I have never diverted from since I was 13 Now in my 30 s I can t help but look back at this book with a sense of nostalgia and love for Scott Cunningham I would recommend this book to anyone starting out on the Witches Path as it is written in a simple and beautiful format that is easy to digest yet still covers all the essentials.
Scott Cunningham one of the foremost experts on Wicca has written a book geared towards the beginner and solitary practitioner of Wicca Not every practitioner of Wicca will join a coven Another piece of good news is that Mr Cunningham has injected a spirit of individuality and freedom into the craft that does not bind one strictly to on way as the only way.
The book covers alot of ground It covers Runes, rituals, Sabbat and different meditations It is a good companion for Silver Ravenwolf s Teen Wicca What I liked about the book is that it gave you the freedom to make your own way into Wicca Included in the book is an herbal grimoire, knowledge of Runes and what they mean, all of which In plan on photocopying before I return it to the library I have included some notes I have taken on the book below Excellent book Wicca was formerly closed off to society at large Now a d Wicca is truly a beginner s book, and one of the best I ve read I haven t gotten much further than beginner books in the last ten years, so I might know The organization is really compelling by layout out theory before ritual and aspects of practice, rather than indulging the reader and jumping straight into Magick , the reader has a true chance to decide whether or not any of it aligns with his or her belief system There are so many useful little tips in this book that even though it convinced me that I would not be happy as a Wiccan, I am happy to try many of the exercises Cunningham puts forth for trying to attune myself to a deity.
In general, this is a very clear and easy book to read, with a good general overview of many, many things After reading the necessarily short section on the sabbats, I decided that I probably should get a proper book on those so I hav

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