Terrific second book in the Tethered series I enjoyed the first one and this one picked up right where that one left off It answered many of the questions the first one left open and opened the door to manyThe author did a wonderful job in keeping the characters true to their original development and expanded from what was already established in the first one Oh the secrets that were learned in this book I can t really type much about what was inside the book storyline wise because it was all tied into the first book so well that I d be risking giving something away if I tried I d had to be a spoiler person I can say that if you haven t read the first one, don t read this book Though if you haven t read the first one, you really need to do it This series is one that is highly enjoyable with likable characters, a well developed and developing storyline, a Fantastic story Addison is wonderful Plenty of misdirection and unexpected twists I m looking forward to the next story.
I am seriously loving this series Jennifer Snyder pulls of yet another paranormal romance series off This second book in the series was pretty good.
I really enjoyed the first book This one was mostly setting you up for the the next book in the series It was a lot of world building this time around.
I was torn about having Theo play such a big part in the book I can t decide whether I like him or not I m such a big Kace fan, it was hard to see her sneaking around The concept of the book is just awesome I liked the storyline and I am anxious to read book 3 in the series There were so many loose ends at the end of the book, I m now dying to get my hands on book 3 just to find out what happens.
This clever ne Loved it.
If you like books that are about magic and have a new look to the magic as well as a good romance to go with it then read this It left me wantingRead it Start with book 1 though You will not be disappointed in this book I received a free digital version from the author in exchange for an honest review Conjure is the second instalment in the Tethered trilogy, and just like the first book, it s fast paced, full of new discoveries and very engaging Ever since Theo saved her from the hoodoo magic creature that was after her, a bin was created between them In the duration of this book they try an abundance of different ways to break it and fine the truth behind it However, thetime they spend together trying to break the tether, the stronger it gets, and theshe has to fight it Along with that, she finds out the truth behind who wanted her gone, why her mother must ve left, and who her biological father is She definitely has a lot in her plate In Conjure we learn a lotabout the characters We learn a lot about Theo, such as his cold exterior is just a cover of

Loving this series Addison s story is so beautifully written Can t wait to read what happens next Recommend to all · Conjure (Tethered, #2) · Wow It s been a little while since I have read and reviewed a paranormal story I m glad that I jumped back in with this one This story continues where Catalyst dropped off Addison has just discovered that she was born with magick She actually discovers that the boy that she has fallen for, Kace and his friends, are elements They were all born with the same type of magick The town is succumbed by magick, yet no one knows The pastries and coffee taste better, the town isbeautiful all due to magick.
Addison senses that she s not wanted in Soul Harbor In fact, her best friend was pushed away due to that same feeling She s not giving up though Addison Avery is tough and will find out why so many strange events have been occurring.
Addison was attacked one evening and saved by someone she never thought possible She just can t understand wh This book picks up right where Catalyst left off and Addison is still out on the cliff after becoming tethered to Theo which presents its own unique set of problems This book kind of reminds me of The Secret Circle television series as Addison s mother also left the area to protect her daughter from her so called friends who were part of the circle The other members could no longer practice magic because they needed the whole group together and not knowing her real dad and other revelations brought it to mind The relationship between Kace and Addison progressed slowly and it dragged in places for me as there was not a lot of action, plenty of meet and greet the parents, soul searching about keeping the bond a secret and dealings with her conflicted feelings for Theo Her reticence to reveal the truth about being tethered to Theo was interesting as if she still did not fully trust Ka Favorite Quote s I enjoyed the feel of Kace, the way he seemed to awaken my magick, sparking it to life so it could course through me freely Favorite Character Callie She s so sweet.
First Line A cool breeze whipped at my exposed skin as I stood at the edge of the cliff, staring after Theo s retreating form My Musings I absolutely adored the first Tethered novel, Catalyst So when Jennifer Snyder accepted my review request for Conjure, I was beyond excited I couldn t wait to see what would happen with this mysterious bond, and was hoping to find out who has been trying to get Addison to leave Soul Harbor This novel picks up right where Catalyst left off Addison still must decide if she wants to initiate, and if she wants to be stuck in Soul Harbor for the rest of her life And this whole tether business is making things that much harder Oh, and the person who is hir To Understand The Present You Have To Conjure Up The Past The Last Thing Addison Harmon Needed Was To Become Tethered To The Broody, Often Seemingly Cold, Theo Van Rooyen, But That S Exactly What HappenedForced To Partner Up With Theo To Figure Out A Way To Break The Tether, Addison Soon Realizes She May Have Bitten Off Than She Can ChewReturn To The Magickal World Of Soul Harbor In Conjure, Book Two In The Tethered Series, A Romantic, Action Packed Series That Download Epub Format ↠´ Conjure (Tethered, #2) PDF by Þ Jennifer Snyder Fans Of The Secret Circle Are Sure To Enjoy

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