Year Old Darrah Is In Trouble She Lost Her Temper And, As A Result, Mrs Johnson, Was Hurt Now Her Parents Want Her To Go To Something Called A Restorative Justice Circle That The RCMP Suggested Darrah Has To Face Her Parents, Mrs Johnson, A Policewoman, And A Facilitator Who All Sit In A Circle And Decide On Darrah S Sanctions Sanctions Aren T Punishments, The Facilitator Tells Her At First Darrah Doesn T Believe ThisNhelping Mrs Johnson Two Afternoons A Week Trailer ë Whatever PDF by Û Ann Walsh Feels Like Punishment But Then Darrah Realizes That She Likes Helping The Older Woman, Especially When Mrs Johnson Teaches Darrah How To Cook And Bake Her Recipes Are Included In The Book It Turns Out, However, That Mrs Johnson Is Hiding A Secret Basically the plot they show here on good reads tells then entire story It s also a major spoiler Whatever, is 16 year old, Darrah s comment about practically everything in her life at the moment When she gets in trouble for setting off a fire alarm at the hospital and causing an injury to an elderly woman, she s arrested and participates in a Restorative Justice session One of the sanctions is that she must help the elderly woman twice a week after school Right from the beginning, this angry teen and the grumpy old woman hit it off Mrs Johnson teaches Darrah how to bake biscuits, cook stew and make a proper cup of tea Also Mrs Johnson has a devoted grandson who is Greek god handsome and he and Darrah become co conspirators in keeping Mrs Johnson s secrets from the rest of the family who want to move her from her family home into a rest home.
The books is written in a lively manner with lots of believable action and dialogue as Darrah m

Sometimes the consequences of your actions reach farther than you would expect them to This is a tough life lesson for Darrah after she pulls the fire alarm when at the hospital causing an elderly lady to break her leg Reluctantly, Darrah agrees to participate in the Restorative Justice program instead of having to go through the formal court proceedings, and is assigned to care for Mrs Johnson who she harmed At first Darrah is disgruntled and feels that she didn t do anything wrong As she is forced to look at her inner feeling and the reasons behind her actions, Darrah acknowledges the feelings she has been hiding Feeling scared for her younger brother, who is an epileptic Feeling left out when the family doesn t spent time together during dinner A friendship soon develops between Darrah and Mrs Johnson and the relationship between Darrah and her family begins to mend as Darrah gets in trouble when she pulls the fire alarm at the hospital and an old lady got hurt As punishment, Darrah is asked to sit through a restorative justice circle and accept the consequences of her actions Those consequences end up meaning Darrah has to help Mrs Johnson around the house two afternoons a week for the foreseeable future It doesn t take long for Darrah to realize she actually likes helping Mrs Johnson, especially when it comes to what she s learning about cooking and baking The fact that Mrs Johnson has a super cute grandson doesn t hurt, either But Mrs Johnson is worse off than she first appears, and when she dies, Darrah is left to deal with the loss.
Ann Walsh s well meaning but ultimately heavy handed novel has some interesting things going for it.
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