I love Sable Hunter and her Hell Yeah Series I have had the pleasure of reading a few of them, and loved each one of them for many reasons The story behind the story is always a wonderful love story if you take the time to read between the lines Each one of us has and will continue to have our own little ups and downs in life, somethan others Dandi has certainly had her share, as has Lucas For them to find each other to begin with is wonderful To have lost each other only to fall into each others laps once again, is truly beautiful The plot for this is awesome It grabs you and brings you into its depths, keeping you there until the end Not the type of book you can read over a long period of time not for me at least The characters are strong and loving, both surviving deep hurts in their young lives, only to rise to become well rounded, upstanding citizens i DNF I didn t get to far before realizing it was t the storyline for me.
IS PATIENT LOVE IS KINDLucas Thinks He Has His Life Mapped Out Until Fate Throws A Curvy Little Dancer In His Lap Soon He Finds That It Will Take Than Success Or Status To Make Him Happy It Will Take DandiLOVE IS NOT RUDE, IT IS NOT SELF SEEKING, LOVE KEEPS NO RECORD OF WRONGSDandi Can T Change Her Past, But She Can Keep From Hurting Lucas Dandi Loves Lucas So Much That She Is Willing To Walk Away From HimLOVE ALWAYS ï Finding Dandi (Hell Yeah! Cajun Style, #3; Hell Yeah, #9) Ì Download by Æ Sable Hunter PROTECTS, ALWAYS TRUSTS, LOVE ALWAYS PERSERVERESNot A Day Goes By That Lucas Does Not Search For His Angel And When He Finds Her, He Is Willing To Work To Make Her Fall In Love With Him For The Second Time And This Time Will Be ForeverLOVE REMEMBERS LOVE NEVER FAILSD THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE Contains Explicit Content, Explicit Sexual Content And Language Finding Dandi is the newest book in the Hell Yeah Cajun Style series Once again Sable immerses her readers into a wonderful story Dandi and Lucas are two wonderful characters that grip you right from the start One is stuck in a life that has been one painful event after another The other is trying to make sure that they don t fall into the same mistakes as their parents Then in a twist of fate the two find love Grab your copy and find out what makes Dandi and Lucas s story so amazing If you have not checked out the other two in the series get them today I look forward to all of Sable s books because I know I will be immersing myself into the next adventure filled with sex, love, and laughter with a mystery mixed in.
The blurb on the book seemed interesting and with all the 5 star reviews on Good Reads and , I thought this was going to be a great read Now, seven chapters in, I feel like someone is gas lighting me, and I m not sure who is the culprit My first issue with the books is the writing, to say it was mediocre would be a gross over exaggeration At one point the dialogue consisted of, I ve never felt like this before, and This has never happened to me Aside from the dialogue being sophomoric and unoriginal, these lines were stated within just a few hours of meeting and about 20 minutes total of dialogue between the two characters That brings me to my second issue, this is a love at first sight story Now, I don t mind a connection at first sight story, but in my view many times a love at first s All I can say is Finding Dandi is soooo worth the wait I was entranced by this book from start to end Lucas and Dandi s mutual love for each other is so unconditional and pure that losing it is not an option Highly recommended Î Finding Dandi (Hell Yeah! Cajun Style, #3; Hell Yeah, #9) ✓ 2,5 Podr a decir muchas m s cosas, pero me limitar a justificar mi calificaci n, mencionando que sent poca evoluci n de los personajes Dandi en especial Tuve la ligera impresi n de que, luego de las primeras p ginas, el problema hab a sido solucionado y todo lo que sigui fue un c rculo vicioso en que ni los a os hicieron madurar, cambiar o sobreponerse a la protagonista Despu s de leer la historia de Harlye pens en Dandi como una chica ruda, no como la tierna flor delicada y sin personalidad que hubo en estas p ginas.
Tengo que decir que la nica raz n por la que fue un 2,5 y no un 1 es que Lucas fue pasable Y digo pasable porque con l tuve la sensaci n de que sus problemas fueron colocados all para darle un pasado doloroso, pero que al final del d a s lo estuvieron all y I happened to read a few reviews of Sable Hunter s book, Finding Dandi, now, AFTER reading the book So I want to say when I write a review, I don t go into story details I figure a professional has already written the blurb to tell you about the book better than I ever could My job is to simply state, in my humble opinion, if the book was any good I read for enjoyment, not to dissect a book and point out if technical bits of a book are correct I m not in the medical field, nor do I have a problem with my sugar, so it really doesn t matter to me if Sable Hunter got her facts right in the book or not Because, really, if I have a problem I think might be sugar related, I m not going to think about what I ve read in a romance novel I ll be taking myself to a doctor I have a bigger problem with a book that is full of spelling grammar

Finding Dandi is the story of Dandi and Lucas.
What a sweet and emotional roller coaster ride this was.
The book begins and we meet our MC s the hero Lucas a sex therapist and psychiatrist whose goal in life is to find happiness and settle down with a proper woman, something his philandering mother did not abide by and the heroine Dandi who changes everything for him.
Dandi is a sweet, kind hearted 19 year old who is forced and abused into stripping by a series of unfortunate events When things couldn t get any worse, she is harassed into fleeing for her life, coincidentally meeting Lucas on the same day, and finding sanctuary with him They have sizzling attraction blooming between them, but Dandi s tainted past carries itself like a shadow and society won t let her forget it As they give into their passions and finally realize t 4.
5 CONTROVERSIAL STARS MILD SPOILERS AHEADThis has got to be my favorite in this series along with the first two This book had everything 1 heroine you can respect and root for2 hero who is hot and passionately in love with heroine 3 hero who knows what he is doing in the bedroom but is not a manwhore4 hero who is faithful for 3 years while trying to find the love of this life heroine is faithful too5 hot love making and sweet romantic moments6 adventures and obstacles to overcome while growing a relationship built on love and trust7 swoon worthy lines from the hero that felt so powerful and a little OTT Hell, yeah I loved that 8 and did I mention he is HOT I mean he is off the charts I could go on and on but I would rather just say, I don t regret buying this book it was worth every dollar When I have lost my faith in humanity, I will read this book After

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