Blytons Mysteries Series books Set Collection Children Classic books These Exclusive Sets Of Enid Blytons Mysteries Are Comprised Of The Mystery Of The Burnt Cottage The Mystery Of The Disappearing Cat The Mystery Of The Secret Room The Mystery Of The Spiteful Letters The Mystery Of The Missing Necklace The Mystery Of The Hidden [Enid Blyton] ✓ Enid Blyton Mystery series [greek-mythology PDF] read Online é House I my gosh I loved this book it was so amazing I would definitely recommend this book to anyone aged between 7 and over These were my favorites at my young age Still enjoy reading these at times.
These were my favorites at my young age Cool One of the best series ever ↠´ Enid Blyton Mystery series Ú Amazing Petualangan dan misterinya benar benar seru, menggambarkan Inggris di mana tradisi minum teh masih sering dilakukan Totally love it.
These books are absolutely wonderful and have all the makings of the classics that they are We discovered them on a 2015 trip to the UK, and although my girls ages 8 and 10 have loved reading them, I think my husband and I have enjoyed them just as much They are laugh out loud funny and very clever mysteries that also have a bit of a serious side She had such a wonderful touch with creating crimes that are wrongdoings but not alarming or scary to children just the same The characters of the Five Find Outers and all those others they encounter are well done, likable lovable, really and amusing.
We will have these forever, because I can see that we might want to re read them down the road, when each mystery s details become fuzzy in our minds Some of the books inside jokes have already become part of our family vernacular.
I loved this series maybe not as exciting as The Famous Five but definitely interesting than The Secret Seven Bit of humour in this series.
My childhood favorites

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