From Lenoir, Ellie Burke Found A Place To Breathe Again A Brighter Home Surrounded With Her Loved Ones A Once In A Lifetime Chance To Change Her LifeEverything Seemed Perfect Enough Until She Met Riley FlynnA Mysterious Young Boy With A Devilish Smile, Silently Living With A Traumatic Secret Buried Away From Others In The Midst Of Rain, Uncertainty And Burning Desire Ellie Burke Finally Found Her SalvationBut When There Is Hope, There Is Always A Risk For A Major Trailer Ú The Boy Who Lost His Sight PDF by ☆ Bella Zamri Heartbreak There were two best friends One was blind and one was broken Life crushed them in two different ways, leaving both of them behind with nothing but scars But, one scar is visible and one is not The Boy Who Lost His Sight shut his life away, his soul as dark as his sight His friend s life remained bright but his soul never did.
I CRIEDI CRIEDI FREAKINFUCKINEFFIN CRIED THIS BOOK PROVED THAT LOVE IS BLIND This book took hold of my heart and shaterred it into a ZILLION TINY TINY PIECES CHARACTERS RILEY He is arrogant,cranky,rude,mean,asshatBut he is sweet as hell and has a beautiful heart Guess what HE IS BLIND ELLIE She is sweet,kind and friendly.
goes out of her way to help people.
Guess what HER PARENTS ARE DEAD Riley went through an accident which resulted in him being blind.
Ellie came to florida to start a new life.
they met eachother in english class.
riley being his usual self,was rude to ellie but ellie being as she is,was nice to him all the same.
she helped him go from places to placeshe didn t like her one bit.
didn t even consider her a friend.
using past tense This ,my dear friends,is how the story starts.

can i give this 10 stars definitley my new favorite on wattpad 3 Why is it that all the good wattpad books aren t made into real books They re sooo good, loved it

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