Genuine House Of Gord PublicationSet Within The Confines Of A German Schloss, A Five Member Team Of Slavers Abducts Specially Selected Victims And Prepares Them For A Life Of Ownership By Wealthy Clients Whose Preferences Are Unbridled By Financial Or Moral Considerations Follow The Story Of Two Beautiful Indian Sisters Who Befall This Unfortunate FateHaving Spurned The Advances Of Mr Lau, Geeta Undergoes A Series Of Rigorous Piercings And Body Modifications In Order To Become The Permanently Captive Plaything Of Her Rejected [ Pdf The Consignment (A Genuine House of Gord Publication BD-025) ¿ paranormal-mystery PDF ] by Baron von Ronsa È SuitorMeanwhile, Her Sister Sujata Is Trained For Her Future Life As The Newest Addition To Sheik Akran S Stable Of Exquisitely Equine Females

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