Finally a heroine who knows her value YES, YIPPEE, HOORAY May contain spoilers Thank you CG for writing a story about a women who does not accept cheating no matter how much her husband used to love her and used to be this great guy She knows her worth and knows that she can be better without a cheating husband.
This book was gut wrenching no doubt about it To see the good times in a marriage, to see when the guy was nice, thoughtful and loving, and then to see how, despite all that, his selfishness wipes away every good thing in their relationship story It s hard to read It s very hard to read You like the guy, the old version of him, but you hate the new version That is what makes you feel for the heroine so much You can understand her struggle because once upon a time, he was a good husband Now, not so muc Finalmente a hero na chuta a bunda do bastardo traidor e manda ele passear.
Gostei, porque a vida continua e voc n o obrigada a aceitar uma situa o que vai contra aquilo que voc acredita Finally the heroine kicks the ass of the cheater bastard and tell him to walk.
I liked it, because life goes on and you are not obliged to accept a situation that goes against what you believe.
Ohmy God Could it be A female protagonist who actually loves herself A man who respects his wife, does not sleep with other women And a woman who respects herself does not allow her husband to get away with it I wanted this book to be a lot better than it turned out to be The premise was interesting, but the execution, however, left much to be desired I knew going in what was going to happen having read the other reviews so I wasn t dreading her giving in to him That s why I was hoping the book would be a lot better than it actually was.
There were a couple of reason why my rating for it kept dropping as I read.
The writing, for one, played a major role in the rating I realize that the author was trying to get the reader to sympathize with Haylie, but I got pretty annoyed that, if I were to go back and catalogue, there are pages worth of same feelings and emotions Finally a book where heroine does not take the cheating ass back I would have given this a 4 but I wanted to see the cheating ass sufferand maybe his PoV would have been great at the end thus my 3.
5 Julian Wants Nothing Than To Put Her Crumbling Marriage Back Together Chase Used To Be A Fun Loving, Light Hearted Husband Who Has Lately Become An Overworked Attorney Obsessed With Climbing The Corporate Ladder It Isn T Long Before Haylie Starts Waking Up Next To A Man She Barely Knows His Secretive Phone Calls And Late Nights At The Office Leave Her Feeling Alone And Afraid Of What He Might Be Hiding Ignoring His Continuous Pleas To Just Leave Well Enough Alone, She Continues To Dig For Answers [Courtney Giardina] ☆ Tear Stained Beaches [womens PDF] Ebook Epub Download ½ And Discovers A Heartbreaking TruthStruggling With What She Has Just Learned, Haylie Sets Off To A Quaint Little North Carolina Beach Town To Decide If Her Marriage Can Survive It Isn T Long After She Arrives That Her World Is Once Again Turned Upside Down As Chase S Secret Stares Her Right In The Face

You know, I have no one to blame but myself I was looking for books where the hero cheats And I found one but it s kind of broken me It s opened up wounds that I thought I buried along time ago This is a realistic look on a relationship that goes through the cycle of infidelity The late nightsthe secret phone callsthat awful feeling in your gut because YOU KNOW that your husband isn t being faithful But you try to lie to yourself and say that he isn t All the while that little nagging feeling in the back of your head knows otherwise The author completely got it right I hurt so bad right now.
I cried I was emotional and anxiety ridden I just loved this book It was a little rough to read at first, for personal reasons All the feelings Hailey was feeling at the beginning I totally understood all too well Its just a great book on decisions that you make in a relationship for not only the relationship but for yourself It questions your own self worth Do you love yourself enough to walk away Do you care enough about yourself go not tolerate the bullshit If you ve ever been in an unfaithful relationship, you ll be able to relate And if you haven t, then I still think you will feel for Hailey s character.
Tear Stained Beaches õ This was such a good book, it was sad,intense and emotional roller coaster ride But in the end, he still cheated and she didn t forget she left him and moved on, smart woman this was going ok until around 60% and it plummeted Warning This review does have spoilers in it My Thoughts This was a really good book It was so different from other marriage relationship books It brought out emotions that I might not have wanted to deal with but have no choice I always thought that if I were to ever be cheated on, then I would automatically leave the guy No second chances or forgiveness, just leave him, because I believe that cheating is a multiple step process Someone doesn t accidentally cheat on you, no they took the effort to find someone else and see them behind your back So while I was reading this book, it really challenged my standings on cheating The Plot I loved how this book came together and how it incorporated different aspects of break ups and cheating Like how Haylie s neighbor s story was used to show that some people are able to forgive cheating and still

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