In Crimson Return To Sanctuary By Sarah GilmanKidnapped By Humans And Raised In A Research Facility, Jett Was Taught To Believe His Own Race Of Demons Insidious And Violent But A Friendship With The Archangel Raphael Shatters Jett S Reality Caught Between Two Worlds, His First Months Of Freedom Find Him Lingering On The Fringes Of His Home Colony, SanctuaryWhen The Human Who Stole Jett Captures Another Demon Youth From Sanctuary, Jett Learns Of The Real Plan To Steal Raphael S Archangel Grandchildren Jett ✓ read Deep in Crimson (Return to Sanctuary, #2) by Sarah Purdy Gilman Å Wants To Bring His Captor To Justice, But He Must Overcome The Lies From His Past And Join Forces With The Demon Guardians, And The Demon Child S Older Sister, LexineIrresistible Attraction Grows Between Jett And Lexine, But Lexine S Prophetic Dreams Of Being Mated To A Poacher Make Her Wary And If Jett Goes Through The All Consuming Process Of Becoming A Guardian, He May Forfeit Any Chance They Have Of Being Together Favourite Lines Thank you Her voice trembled Be safe, all right He paused, looking for all the world like no one had ever expressed concern for him before, and he didn t know what to make of it I will Maybe I m simply an arrogant oaf who thinks he deserves the chance to treat you better than the so called males you ve been with before, even though I don t know how to take off a bra That I want you even though I know I can t keep you I thought the worst of myself Before I realised the truth of the lover in my dream, you gave me hope You gave me faith in myself So we re even What a refreshing different kinda angel and demon story This story had Demons protecting fallen Angels Jeff is a demon who was kidnapped by a crazy Dr who wants to use Demons and Angels for their healing powers He was kidnapped when he was a child and was made to work for the Dr and his poachers when the Dr brought Favorite Quotes I got close to you thatrst day, but you didn t notice me If I dbeen a hostile human, or even another demon with ill intentions,you d have been caught off guard You really should be aware of your surroundings if you re going to work alone She half sobbed half laughed You ve been protecting me Youobject to me watching out for you, then No The corners of her mouth curved upward in a hint of asmile It s sweet of you, actually Sweet He d been called many things in his life Sweet de nitely did not make the list I would become a regular Guardian He lowered his handsalong her arms and gripped herngers Perhaps it s too soon toask, but waiting until after I take the oath to at least talk to youabout th From the moment I began reading this book I knew I was in for something special, the author immediately pulls the reader in when she starts the novel with action from the first page, Jett, a demon living on the outside of known Demon civilization, picks up on a scent he does not wish to ever smell demon blood and humans intertwined she immediately throws us into Jett s subconscious trying to block it out while intermingling his overriding innate need to protect He fights with himself to try and not go after whatever it is, however, he is unable to win that battle and ends up going after the group From that moment onward his path with Lexine, a female demon whose younger brother, Bryce, the demon he smelled, collides and it would seem that fate has pre determined these two are destined to be together He is trying his hardest to avoid falling for Lexine, but finds her me Deep in Crimson really takes paranormal romance to a whole new level I ve read a few PR s with angels but none like Sarah Gilman s A true tainted redemption read to the fullest I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end I absolutely am a new fan, I can t wait to readof the Return to Sanctuary books In Deep in Crimson we follow the journey of Jett who finds out that Archangel Raphael s grand children are being kidnapped When he investigates another capture of one of the kids he has to team up with the Demon Guardians and the child s sister Lexine Right from the start Jett and Lex are lit with combustible chemistry, but not everything is as it seems Jeff starts to learn a few things about his own history that will change things for him forever Major applause for Sarah Gilman for doing such a superb job in this novel Everything written by Sarah is absolute perfection It s everything you could ever want in a story, written in a way that will make your breath catch and your heart soar I always find it hard to write reviews for her books because they are just so magical and when you love a book so much, it s hard to put that into words in a way that adequately gets your feelings across.
Deep in Crimson is just as amazing as Out in Blue was, not that I should have expected anything different Sarah s writing flows beautifully, flawlessly, and effortlessly The story is captivating, drawing readers in with a mixture of adventure and romance As the world of Sanctuary grows, I fall in love with the story and it s characters evenJett is a great Hero It was fascinating to watch his progress through the story watching him learning how Ó Deep in Crimson (Return to Sanctuary, #2) ï I really enjoyed reading Deep in Crimson It is written extremely well The story is unique and captivating Sarah Gilman did an amazing job I highly recommend this book I can t seem to decide if I like this one or the previous one better But I ve got to say I m so glad there was no insta love in this one because that was my main problem with Out in Blue My only problem with this one was that some parts were a little boring and I ended up skimming a bit but it wasn t enough to take away my overall enjoyment of the book This book had a simple plot, nothing to intricate, the romance was great I loved Wren and Ginger but I loved how in this second book with Jett and Lex, we can actually see the romance developing rather than the whole insta love thing we saw with Wren and Ginger It was still great to be able to readabout Wren and Ginger and their twins again in this book I loved how the Angels and Demons.
we have read all about them right We know the history, right Well think again because Sarah Gilman turns the entire concept on it s side Talk about tilting the chessboard Angels and Demons on the same side Both fallen to earth just not quite sure where the Demons fell from Banding together to make sure the Archangels are protected from, you guessed it the humans Kidnapped as a child and raised in a lab, Jett, is still trying to figure out just who the good guys are Raised to believe that demons are basically a subspecies barely sentient and that he himself is evil, Jett still managed to make the right choice and save the Archangel Raphael they say it s not that Raphael Once they escaped their captivity, Raphael went back to his life but Jett wasn t sure where he belonged So he remained on the fringes of their society, constantly w published first at a wonderful second installment Deep in Crimson by Sarah Gilman was a great read This series is a unique take on the idea of a world full of fallen angels and demons and it is void of so many if the little traps and failures which seem to beandabundant in this genre While still not the steamiest, the storylinethan makes up for that.
We return to the world Sanctuary where fallen Archangels are hunted by humans for their feathers In one of the best twists I recall seeing in this genre, the demons protect the angels and both angels and demons have fallen from heaven There is an acknowledgment of traditional religion wight he nod to church and the one child learning about things in church but this isn t an apocalyptic end of the world scenario Instead this i

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