I wanted to like this book but finished it feeling horrible.
Even though we're all supposed to HYOH and there is no "bad" reason for hiking a long trail, I could not accept Julie's reasons for hiking.
The Appalachian Trail is "a footpath for those who seek fellowship with the wilderness," but Julie doesn't like the wilderness.
She doesn't like trees or flowers, or butterflies or even wild ponies.
And although the AT is a "social" trail, Julie doesn't much like people, either.

Julie hiked the AT because she was failing at work.
She was failing at LIFE.
She hiked the trail because she wanted it (the Trail) to make her a better person.
But that's one of the few things a long trail cannot do for a hike Good read for an older person that would of loved to hike the AT when they were young.

The book held my interest and allowed me to experience the pain they went through to accomplish their goals.
It gave me a desire to hike a portion of the trail myself at the age of 64! A Rock The Old School RuneScape WikiBetween A Rock RuneScape Wiki Fandombetween A Rock And Traduction En Franais ExemplesTraductions En Contexte De Between A Rock And En Anglais Franais Avec Reverso Context President Musharraf Was Between A Rock And A Hard Place Between A Rock OSRS Wiki Between A Rock Is A Quest About Helping The Old Dwarf Dondakan, Who Is Trying To Access A Legendary Gold Mine South Of Keldagrim, But Is Unable To Penetrate [Julie Urbanski] ï Between a Rock and a White Blaze [firefighters PDF] Ebook Epub Download À Inside ContentsDetails Between A Rock RuneScape Guide RuneHQ Between A Rock Description Hidden Away From The Fearsome Trolls And The Roaming Fremennik, The Dwarves Delve Deep Beneath The Mountains In Search For The Ore They Need To Support Their Home Of Keldagrim One Dwarf In Particular, However, Has For Years Been Trying To Crack Open A Rock That Seems To Be Impervious To Any Material That He S Tried On It Convinced That Solving The Riddle Of Thebetween A Rock And A Hard Place Traduction FranaiseDe Trs Nombreux Exemples De Phrases Traduites Contenant Between A Rock And A Hard Place Dictionnaire Franais Anglais Et Moteur De Recherche De Traductions Franaises Traduction Between A Rock And A Hard Place Franais Lignestraduction Between A Rock And A Hard Place Dans Le Dictionnaire Anglais Francais De A different AT experience

This was a difficult story for me to read.
Julie let her feelings shade the experience that I had expected when O started the book.
Her obsession for high miles took away the interaction with other hikers for most of the trail until New Jersey.

I went back to review my first AT book; Barefoot Sisters Southbound to renew my perspective of the trail.
Thank you for this gift.
I wonder how many folk you've inspired to get back out and walk / camp?!? I really like how honest Julie is in her writing.
A lot of people make hiking the AT out to be all peaches and cream.
I like that she acknowledges her short falls and recognizes her character flaws.
She set out hoping the trail would change her, and it did, just not in the way you would expect ☆ Between a Rock and a White Blaze ë Interesting insight on thruhiking the AT Blazing' the Ap

Excellent read.
I thought there was too much emotional angst till I got to the end but it all became clear to me then.

I'll be generous and round up on my 2.
5 star rating.
I really wanted to love this book but the writing and editing were not very good.
In the end this book was more about what was going on in the author's head during the hike rather than her surroundings.
She admits to not really appreciating beautiful scenery.
Thus, the book is completely devoid of any descriptions of the sights, sounds, and smells of the trail.
Hopefully she will learn to be in the moment more during her next big hike.
I really love reading experiences from hikers who've thruhiked the AT.
This one was a bit different in that it was someone who had hiked the PCT already, and someone who was also hiking with her husband.
I wouldn't recommend this book for those considering a thruhike who have not yet done one.
I am really familiar with the various sections of the AT and have heard repeated stories about the difficulty of each, so it's a bit hard to read a book where occasionally something is hard, but for the most part everything is easy, or not as hard as we thought, or a breeze.
These are hikers crushing 30 miles per day, which is awesome, but also not what most hikers are able to do, so this is more an experiential book and not one that would help thruhike hopefu

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