War Ends, Violence Stays Alive The Roads Toward Peace And Significance Still Lead Nowhere Perhaps The Aftermath Is The Best Time To Blame Those Who Refused To Carry Guns And Take Sides How Do You Deaden The Pain Of Trusting Somebody Who Is Trying To Destroy You How Are You To Know The Difference When Your Enemy Says He Loves You And So Begins The Battle For Trailer ↠´ If (Born in Sarajevo #2) PDF by Í Snjezana Marinkovic Survival ✓ If (Born in Sarajevo #2) ✓ This book is the second part of the author s autobiography, which takes place after her move to America from her war torn homeland of Sarajevo Most of the book is a detailed account of the time she spent in an abusive relationship It was interesting to read how she dealt with his increasing abuse by creating a bad officer in her head who was separate from the man she loved.
I understand where the author is coming from, but still found it hard to feel sympathetic towards someone who would stay in an abusive relationship for nine years It s sad to know there are so many women like her in similar situations, too afraid to do what she finally did and walk away from it I do applaud her for taking that difficult step, and even now, for

Others have summarized the premise of this memoir, so I ll cover the part they didn t this is the first hand, deeply personal account of a woman who discovers her perfect boyfriend is possessive, controlling and abusive Why doesn t she run, run, run, the moment she realizes this and why does she remain in this awful situation for years In abusive relationships, there is only one if, Snjezana writes If you decide to stay in it don t label yourself abused It might sound harsh, but you are simply self destructive She speaks from experience, so, no, this isn t a case of pot calling kettle black She owns up to her mistakes and offers pages of insights and lessons learned, in hopes that others might learn from her mistakes.
Women arelikely than men to become prisoners in their own homes, andlikely to be physically abused or even killed by their domestic partners Many statistics like If Born in Sarajevo 2 by Snjezana MarinkovicThis is an emotional and thought provoking memoir of one woman s life She is an immigrant, which puts her in a special class of people She has seen and experienced war in her homeland She suffers at the hands of an abusive mate, and endures humiliation, pain and suffering It also is a story of survival.
There are some who will read this and say, why didn t she just leave sooner I feel no one truly knows what it is like to live in an abusive relationship, unless they have experienced it The Author explains, how hard it was How it affected her life, and how it changed her way of thinking.
It is sad to say that in our country and abroad so much violence happens in the home Domestic violence is still a dirty little secret that many women feel they have to endure, rather than have fingers pointed at

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