The title says it all Is Like Tuning A Radio You Don T Know What Frequencies You Ll Enjoy Until You Play With The Knobs Masturbation Has A Complicated Stigma Attached To It Everybody Is Doing It, But Not Everybody Talks About It Some Were Told That Touching Oneself Would Cause Cute Kittens To Die, Some Were Told Masturbation Led To Blindness Getting Off A Woman S Guide To Masturbation Is Here To Debunk Those Masturbation Myths, And Reinforce The Truth Masturbation Is A Totally Natural And Normal Way For Women To Connect Trailer Ö Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation PDF by æ Jamye Waxman With And Find Pleasure In Their Bodies Fun, Informative, And Illustrated, This Book Provides Women With A Wealth Of Masturbation Knowledge, Its History, The Mechanics Of It, The Joys Of Sexy Toys, Plus Clear, Concise Tips On Getting Off Û Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation ë Encouraging literature on woman s sexual self exploration, with helpful practical part on recommended technique and sex toys Also includes chapters on history of masturbation and depiction of masturbation in mass media It s not too heavy on the science stuff with either physiology or mass media analysis , but it does convey the necessary message that it s okay to jill off and the tips on how to do it safely Well worth read, would recommend.

This was given to me as a present.
I am a woman who is already in touch with her body, so unfortunately there was nothing really interesting or new in this book for me It s good to know there is somebody publishing this information, though, for less knowledgeable women.
That being said, anyone who is getting over some sort of mental block or who just hasn t tried exploring, young or old, would benefit from this book It touches hehe every subject possible to make you look at your body and your self differently.
If a guy were to be so brave to buy this book, I would give him a high five There are a lot of little secrets in here to help men getintimate and beattentive to their women.
Masturbation is a healthy part of every person s life Even as part of a relationship and while maintaining a healthy sex life, self love still plays a healthy role in one s life.
People start exploring their bodies at very young ages from infant boys who every time you change a diaper, their hands are immediately exploring their penis and young girls who will mindlessly start exploring themselves whenever time permits This is extremely healthy and positive behavior, but there are a great deal of people and organizations who beg to differ, going as far as to saying that any type of sexuality whatsoever, including masturbation, is unnatural, sinful, and just about anything else they can think of in order to scare people out of doing something that is natural and should be celebrated.
Jamye Waxman has a master s degree in se

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