A great addition to the foreworld story line I loved this one A great way to get started into this series to see if you like it.
Having read none of The Foreworld Saga, but wanting a short yet fully contained read, I picked up this novella as a trial I wasn t disappointed The authors do a brilliant job of setting characters within their time without a turgid lesson on history or lifestyle That Sigrid is a Shield Maiden in her first battle is not conveyed on the page as a crass blond beauty picks up weapon in rage there is a back story of years of training and following in her aunt s footsteps.
The fight scenes are vivid and mesmerising in their intricacy, especially as Sigrid s training kicks in and she slips into the Vor For this alone it is well worth the read There isn t much time in the novella for her and Halldor s relationship to grow, but he recognises the Vor in her before he sees it, giving a glimpse into his own spirituality I shall pick up another in the series.
Is A Shield Maiden Who Yearns To Break Free Of The Restrictions Of Her Father S Home And Join The Sworn Men In An Actual Raiding Expedition When A Small Diplomatic Party That Includes Members Of The Shield Brethren Lands At Her Family S Holding On G Ttland, The Party S Second In Command, Halldor, Sees In Sigrid A Vision Of Beauty And Power That Might Challenge And Even Destroy Many MenAnd When Bloody Chaos Ensues At A Nearby Viking Fishing Village, Sigrid Proves She Has Than ñ read Ä The Shield-Maiden by Michael Tinker Pearce ↠´ Mere Talent She Has Vor The Fate Sight An Astonishing Focus In Fighting That Sets Her Apart From Nearly All Who Have Ever Lived And Puts Her In The Rare Company Of The Finest Shield BrethrenBut As Sigrid And Her Family Confront Her Otherworldly Ability, Will It Prove To Be A Gift To Be Celebrated, Or An Affliction To Be Cured Interesting A quick read decent Better if momLonger Hmm a f e w m o r e w o r It does what it says on the cover I absolutely love the history of Northern Europe and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of research the authors invested in a seemingly fictional story Beautifully written, too This is a solid piece of historical fantasy and I m definitely going to readof the writers work.
A Foreworld Sidequest A short story of Sigrid who is a Shield Maiden during her first battle and what she discovers about herself and her talents Set in what is basically Viking times I have no other knowledge of this universe and bought this because a relative of a friend wrote it and I admit to liking to support friends and their relatives Sue me I didn t expect to be as drawn into it as I was considering I had no familiarity with the world but it was written so that it wasn t necessary There is some backstory going on that I think would explain some other things that were side plots of this particular story and I m intrigued enough that I have put the first couple of actual books from this series onto my wishlist If they are as well written as this, I will be a very happy reader.
Õ The Shield-Maiden Õ Another short Novella set in the Mongoliad world This one doesn t seem to connected in any way to the main story That I ve seen But it is an interesting off side adventure if you like the world the authors created.
Period Danes and Knights with Swords and Medieval Weapons Male and Female FightersHang in there until almost to the end of book, revealing and interesting personalities You need to like conflict No room for the double standard.

It had possibilitiesThe book had the possibility of being very good I m sorry to say it did not live up to the expectation.
This was a fast read Entertaining but not enough for me to buy the other books.

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