Enjoyable story that is a spin off of the authors Holland Brothers series.
Liam is pack Beta and waiting for his mate to make his life complete, so I guess it s a good thing when Declan shows up naked on his doorstep why, why do things like this NEVER happen to me huh Declan a pastry chef again.
why not me.
sigh has raised his brother since his parents death and except for Tommy he is pretty much alone in the world.
Declan witnesses something he shouldn t have which causes him to run, which explains the naked doorstep thing Yes, there are some things that weren t handled well and an easy resolution and of course the inst love mate situation, but I don t read shifter books for realism.
The next book is all set up and I can t wait to get my The Beta To The Panneath Alpha Of Australia Has Never Been An Easy Job Liam Anderson Has Used His Position And Constant Travel To Search For His Mate Though Unfortunately He S Yet To Meet The One Person Fated To Be HisAfter Witnessing Something He Shouldn T Have Seen, Declan Morgan Has No Choice But To Run Exhausted, Naked And Starving He Ends Up At A House In The Small Town Of AthertonLiam Is Overjoyed To Have Found His Mate [Toni Griffin] ê Liam: The Atherton Pack, Book 1 [hard-boiled PDF] read Online ↠´ At Long Last, But Will The Reason Declan Was Forced To Run Find Them Before They Can Live Out Their Happily Ever After 4.
5 stars for narration 2 stars for storyI think I just need to accept that Toni Griffin s stories and I just do not get along.
The one thing I really liked about this was the narration by Nick Flint I will absolutely be checking outof his work.
As for the story, I m easily annoyed by Griffin s continued emasculation of the bottom in the relationship Seriously, can t both wolves be strong and masculine No, the guy who bottoms and consequently will eventually become pregnant if they have sex on a new moon is always the weaker one and called by the sobriquets of honey , sweetheart and baby which isn t necessarily a bad thing , and, worst of all, is usually depicted as having the kind of traits usually found to be ascribed to clich d feminine characters which isfor me sighs Maybe I should quit trying to read Griffin s storiesbut I really love shifter stories, especially with Ò Liam: The Atherton Pack, Book 1 Ò After reading the Holland Brothers series, I was looking forward to Liam s story and a continuation of the series through a different pack and I was not disappointed I really didn t think that I would finish this in one sitting, but like the other books, just got wrapped up in the story While some will not enjoy this book because of the mate theme and insta love being the main focus, for me I went into reading this book knowing that After being introduced to the other members of the Atherton Pack, I am looking forward to continuing with this series I know I will enjoy it.
5 starsShifters, insta love, possessive alpha male, cute cuddly mate, hints of future mpreg, lots of sugar.
I think this was a great way to start the series Reading the blurb, it s not completely clear that Declan is a shifter also but it starts out with Declan witnessing something and shifting to run away He ends up at his mate s back door where things progress fairly quickly.
You quickly find out this is also a spin off of the Holland Brothers, another series I really liked I m looking forward to the next book 2.
5 stars

4 StarsBased on the other reviews, I wasn t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did Yet, here I am, all smiles and happy feels, because this MM shifter story hit all my buttons Firstly, I loved the Australian setting As an Aussie and a lover of m m fiction, it s not all that often I find books I want to read which are set in my homeland especially ones of the paranormal persuasion so this was an absolute treat Secondly, this featured one of the best initial meeting of mates scenes I ve ever come across I really enjoyed the way Declan and Liam reacted to finding one another and I loved how the split narrative was used here to follow their experience.
In my opinion, this was a well written, enjoyable shifter romp, featuring likeable characters and sweet and sexy mate feels With the exception of how much I detest the endearment honey I get riled up b It was ok Lots of things that could have been fleshed out a bitI m not all that sure I want to continue the series but I kinda want to see how Ben handles his mate.

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