There is a lot that can be and has been said about Ales Kot s Wild Children and I m not really going to be the one to say it I actually dreaded reading this book for awhile, because in my comic book community, Kot is seen as a pretentious, pompous, indulgent asshole Though, when I look at his interviews or look at his tumblr, the dude is basically me but way philosophical.
I read Change and while I enjoyed how out of step it was with everything else being published by a semi major publisher yes, even at Image , it was a little too out there for me Now this sort of wears it s meaning on it s sleeve, might be a little juvenile for some, but I don t actually think it is I actually DO think this is a mild work of brilliance in the comic book medium, a great meditation on the form, even if it is of just a drug induced, half thought out job I m honestly not sure what I thought about this after I finished it, but I ll warn potential readers that this isn t exactly light reading I have to say that while this wasn t what I was expecting exactly, I was just left a little underwhelmed at the end of it all.
I started out really digging the feel of this comic The artwork is pretty good It suited the initial feel of the characters while not being overly polished When the artists start bringing in the flashy stuff later on, it s actually to a rather nice effect I believe that this is because initially we re to believe that this is a simple little world where everything is exactly as it seems to be, with the stranger artwork coming in only after revelations about said world begin to start sinking in to the various unnamed characters in the story Art wise, this was great Story wise, this was just OK I m Acid Cameras School The Themes Behind The Controversial Hellblazer Shoot By Warren Ellis And Phil Jimenez Merge With The Attitude Of The Grant Morrison And Philip Bond Masterpiece Of Teenage Revolt, Kill Your Boyfriend, Deliver A Story Of Magic, Passion, And Disinformation Wild Children A Different Type Of [Aleš Kot] Ñ Wild Children [adventure PDF] Ebook Epub Download é Education what the frick is wrong with this book Everything Guns Illegal Substances Lies Love Seems Maybe No Panel Theory Theoretically What Message Transmission Haunt Breathe Kiss Rotten Smile Life Change New It ends Breathing Camera Gutter NothingWILD CHILDRENAles Kot Riley Rossmo.
I do not hide my profound admiration for Ales Kot, a writer who covers topics that interest me and always come in a package that I find enormously attractive for their experimental approach and exploitation of the capabilities of comics as a medium To analyze this opera prima, I will refer to what I said in my review of the first volume ofZeroWild Children is a psychotropic fable about the creative, emotional, sexual and destructive explosion that involves reaching adolescence, breaking the child s world but still refusing to accept the rules and responsibilities of the adult world Critics soon presented Kot as the second coming of Grant WTH did I just read Meant to be thought provoking I guess but ended up being bloody confusing.
Adding the line I know what you re saying This doesn t make any sense at the end of the narrative doesn t get you off the hook Ugh ¹ Wild Children Ö I read it I liked it a lot I feel that most of the things it was talking about, are things I ve spent many years being about, thinking about as I think a lot of our generation has I think it s a smarter leaner Invisibles and something which should age very well because of how fractal it is I feel that it can be sort of reassembled at any moment into a playlist.
I think it s a book very much of the now And there s some really clever stuff in there I liked the bit with comic critics That was a big whoa moment.
It was really interesting to see Riley Rossmo try some different stuff as well I liked his old style a lot, so it was pretty brave to try this out and I think for the most part it worked Actually there are some panels Ales Kot nos presenta en Ni os salvajes una historia con tintes autobiogr ficos en la que introduce unos cuantos elementos filos ficos y metarreferenciales Todo comienza cuando un grupo de adolescentes aparentemente armados asaltan un instituto y toman como rehenes a los profesores.
Pero con Ales Kot no te puedes fiar, porque nada es lo que parece en esta historia que va degenerando hacia una disertaci n meta en la que los personajes parecen hablarle directamente al lector A ver, yo soy tan fan de Alan Moore como el que m s y aguanto sus habituales peroratas sobre el bien y el mal con una sonrisa en el rostro, pero el rollo psicod lico y conceptual que se trae el se or Kot ya me parece una vuelta de tuerca demasiado rebuscada y pretenciosa Y es que, en su af n de buscarle tres pies al gato, se olvida de conectar con el lector aunque intenta involucrarn

Estrellicas porque ha sido la mejor experiencia de lectura y relectura, me ha hecho perseguir las referencias en libros y web y m sica y 50 p ginas me han dado un mont n de horas de juego y de ideas interesantes No quiero que esto empiece a parecer a una review de verdad, si alguien lo lee que me cuente si le parece reciclaje brillante o basura pretenciosa o qu , que igual yo tampoco lo s pero lo he disfrutado un mont n.
This is my first time reading a Ales Kot comic and I have to sayThis is different than what I usually read After I read it, I didn t know what to think for awhile I m still left in confusion It s odd and what I do like about it is that it makes you think Most comics that I read don t give me that kind of luxury I get my mind numbing entertainment with clever dialogue comics but I like variety from time to time One of my friends recommended me this one and I thought it was good for something different.
Now if you don t like to think too hard with your comics or if you want something really mind numbingly entertaining, this is not the comic for you.

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