This shouldn t be your first JavaScript book, but it should be your second.
Worth it for the final chapter alone.
The rest is good too.
My brother s book There is a wall standing between me and the full understanding of JavaScript This book was not a door to that wall for me It was neither too hard or too easy I knew most of the 68 chapters, and there were chapters I didn t grok.
I understand how JS apps work, but I think I m searching different kind of answers, like for example why I m tempted to try learning another language, which represents the same ideas in a cleaner way Perhaps I ll get my answers there.
This book considered to be a supplement for the JavaScript the good parts It s said in the book s introduction that these two books shouldn t be considered as rivals though many of theirs topics are the same Advent of JavaScript, node.
js and many cool frameworks made the prior book a bit outdated This book promises to give you patterns how to write js code in modern and concise way.
It s not a hipster s book Hipsters don t read books, instead they teach themselves Google and treat software engineering as a topic on Stack overflow This book is for mature software developers who know that you can t stay content in learning technology.
As a matter of fact most of all I ve enjoyed few last chapters of the book Chapters about concurrency, asynchronous way of thinking and creating loops as well as chapters about functional approach to write robust programs are invaluable If you

Awesome book with full of useful information This helped demystify a lot of Javascript s quirks in simple language I d highly recommend this book once you got the basic syntax down.
Û Effective JavaScript ✓ Fantastic book I have been doing JavaScript since 1996, and SPAs when AJAX was still mainly a soccer club or a detergent Tip you loaded the data into a Frame What I particularly liked about this book was the way the author is able structure a bunch of useful and not obvious information into a coherent hole without being preachy Not an easy feat when considering the richness and flexibility of JavaScript.
Very enlightening Gave me a greater understanding of how javascript works, and went through some extremely powerful design patterns borne of javascript s flexibility and run timey ness.
Yes, that s a word.
There is something about javascript that thwarts transcendence Flawed and promiscuous, it is the R Kelly of programming languages But how to ride this dark horse Effective JavaScript 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript can help Without undue prescription it presents 68 best practices with regards to fundamental javascript, essential combinations that will be important to execute correctly in any context.
Though it may not have your respect it probably has your attention Why not take a closer look S Uncommon To Have A Programming Language Wonk Who Can Speak In Such Comfortable And Friendly Language As David Does His Walk Through The Syntax And Semantics Of JavaScript Is Both Charming And Hugely Insightful Reminders Of Gotchas Complement Realistic Use Cases, Paced At A Comfortable Curve You Ll Find When You Finish The Book That You Ve Gained A Strong And Comprehensive Sense Of MasteryPaul Irish, Developer Advocate, Google ChromeThis Is ☆ read ¹ Effective JavaScript by David Herman ¹ Not A Book For Those Looking For Shortcuts Rather It Is Hard Won Experience Distilled Into A Guided Tour It S One Of The Few books On JS That I Ll Recommend Without HesitationAlex Russell, TC Member, Software Engineer, GoogleIn Order To Truly Master JavaScript, You Need To Learn How To Work Effectively With The Language S Flexible, Expressive Features And How To Avoid Its Pitfalls No Matter How Long You Ve Been Writing JavaScript Code,Effective JavaScriptwill Help Deepen Your Understanding Of This Powerful Language, So You Can Build Predictable, Reliable, And Maintainable Programs Author David Herman, With His Years Of Experience On Ecma S JavaScript Standardization Committee, Illuminates The Language S Inner Workings As Never Before Helping You Take Full Advantage Of JavaScript S Expressiveness Reflecting The Latest Versions Of The JavaScript Standard, The Book Offers Well Proven Techniques And Best Practices You Ll Rely On For Years To ComeEffective JavaScriptis Organized AroundProven Approaches For Writing Better JavaScript, Backed By Concrete Examples You Ll Learn How To Choose The Right Programming Style For Each Project, Manage Unanticipated Problems, And Work Successfully With Every Facet Of JavaScript Programming From Data Structures To Concurrency Key Features IncludeBetter Ways To Use Prototype Based Object Oriented Programming Subtleties And Solutions For Working With Arrays And Dictionary Objects Precise And Practical Explanations Of JavaScript S Functions And Variable Scoping Semantics Useful JavaScript Programming Patterns And Idioms, Such As Options Objects And Method Chaining In Depth Guidance On Using JavaScript S Unique Run To Completion Approach To Concurrency

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