D Robb S In Death Novels Have Been Praised As Law Order SVU In The Future Entertainment Weekly Now, Together In One Volume, Three Stories That Spotlight Lieutenant Eve Dallas Doing What She Does Best Solving Crime With Skill, Integrity, And Passion Eternity In Death A Seductive Killer Is Luring In Victims With A Promise Of The Impossible Immortality Eve Dallas Must Strip Away The Fantasy To Catch The Coldhearted Madman Ritual In Death Eve Is Plunged Into The Violent Aftermath Of A Ritualistic Murder And Into Õ read ò Time of Death by J.
Robb Þ The Mind Of An Alleged Witness Who Can T Remember A Thing To Save His Life Missing In Death When A Woman Disappears From Aboard A New York City Ferry, It S A Case That Only Eve Dallas Can Solve Because The Woman Didn T Jump And Yet She S Not On Board 4.
5I love all of JD Robb s books These short stories never develop as good of a story, but they re nice to get me thru til February or September.
These books are guilty pleasures J.
D Robb s series of mysteries police procedurals set in the near future about 150 years from now and revolving around the professional and personal life of NYPSD homicide detective, Lt Eve Dallas, has kept Connie and I entertained for several years now Connie has a permanent order set up on to get the newest release as soon as it is available.
Why guilty pleasure Well, they re pretty formulaic and J.
D Robb is actually a nom de plume used in this series only for the world s most successful romance writer, Nora Roberts But you know, the gal can really write We fell in love with the characters, which include the tough but vulnerable Eve, her devoted husband and retired criminal Roarke, her partner Delia Peabody and a host of other colleagues and friends Also, they re pretty steamy not gross but sex is definitely a part o

A collection of three novellas in the Lt Eve Dallas In Death series I saw on that a lot of people were complaining because the book is evidently a reprint of formerly published stories newly grouped together Personally I don t get why they are complaining, it lists what stories it contains simply reading the description before buying would keep you from buying stories you ve already read For me it was great as I got started on the series late and have been playing catch up, and it s usually hard to track down the novellas that fit between the books To get three at once so I could read them in the appropriate order as I got to them, was great The novellas contained herein are Eternity in Death a bit of a supernatural twist in this one, with a vampire night club Ritual In Death a naked man dripping in blood crashes a party Eve is attending, and soon the Lt i This was a really interesting read I was burning through the pages like wildfire I enjoyed the characters of course , their personalities, the plots, the tricks and woo woo aspects, the suspense and the endings I liked how these novellas were grouped in one book so I was able to put it with the rest of the series that I have This one definitely had the brain going WhatAnother great book or novellas that keeps me going back over and over Enjoy

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