Three Wolves  Interewsting sort of native american in flavor but just ended without a lot of closure

I just finished reading this wonderful heartfelt book I cried in several spots So moving.
well worth the read DescriptionIn , Just Seven Years After The End Of The American Civil War, President Ulysses S Grant Declares That Yellowstone Is To Become The First National Park Soon After, The US Army Is Commissioned To Oversee The Park In A Bid To Protect The Wildlife Which Thrives Within Its Bounds From Trappers, Miners And HuntersBut Some Beasts Will Always Be Considered Valuable Than Others, And Some Men Will Do Anything To Acquire Wealth Within Days, Two Rogue Cavalry Officers Furtively Enter The Park And Steal [Chris Sheerin] Í Three Wolves [siglo-de-oro PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ A She Wolf From Her Den Little Do Those Men Realize, However, That The She Wolf Is Also Highly Valued By Her Pack, And That They Too Will Do Anything To Retrieve Her Three Wolves Is A Fable, Told Not Through The Eyes Of Men, But Wolves, As They Engage On A Very Dangerous Quest To Return The She Wolf To Her Den In The Unnamed Valley It Is A Tale Of Hope And Courage, Of Omens, Dreams And Superstitions, And One In Which You Might At Last Be Persuaded To Believe That Wolves Know About Nature And The Earth Than Men

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