DNF at 22%Now, I read all of Miss Savage s books and I loved all of them I said it a million times and I ll say it again She writes the BEST male POVs in history but unfortunately, this one just did not work for me.
The hero, Thomas, was a grade A man whore He already got a blowjob from a random girl within the first few pages He was too arrogant, treated girls like shit, and bullied anyone beneath him.
Add that to the fact that the writing was so exaggerated All the screaming, shrieking, yelling and his father s abuse I loved this author s style of writing so much in the previous books, but this one Goddamn I felt like it was so shallow and immature I don t have anything against P2P fanfics and as far as I know, most of Savage s books were originally fanfics and they were amazing 5 Starsoriginally read 10 7 2014 4 StarsRe read 7 12 2017 Overall Opinion This was still an enjoyable read the second time around I am dropping my rating from 5 stars to 4, however, mainly because of the pacing It was on the longer side at 481 pages in my kindle app, and I really do think it could ve been edited down There were some things when looking back at it that weren t all that relevant or needed for the overall storyline I did feel like it was slow at some points, and I think it might be because of those moments I also felt like the last 15ish% was jammed packed full of things happening and time jumps While I really do appreciate the closure on all aspects of the story and my followers know how much I hate not having closure , I think it was way too rushed It was like a wham bam thank you ma am HEA Brie EPub, Offside By Savage7289 This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Offside , Essay By Savage7289 Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For ç read Offside by Savage7289 ç You Title OffsideSeries NoAuthor Shay SavageRelease date August 3, 2014Rating 5 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler 5 My Rumple STARSI went into this with a bit of trepidation because it was YA not that I won t read YA but it s not my go to, depends on the author and it also did not seem to go with the Shay Savage that I know and love This story just seemed so far off from Surviving Raine or her Evan Arden series And it is But silly me, so is Worth and Transcendence Shay Savage is one brilliant author and I have loved all that I have read of hers Her writing is superb No matter the story, Ms Savage has the ability to build this strong and binding connection to her characters No matter their age or their era While I know very little about soccer I know a lot about some of the scrumptious players than the game , Shay made it easy to understand and also drew me in.
This was a riveting, emotional read for me I LOVE Thomas and I loved how he grew and opened up with Nicole This story deals with some rea Actual Rating 4.
5 stars.
I really liked this book.
It made me cry like a baby, several times It is such an emotional book Intense There are many things going on, the story is not just about one things It is definitely no just about a romance between two people It is so much When I though the book had to be getting naturally towards the end, as most books would have at that point, a whole new set of circumstances happened and I realized I still had almost half a book left to read It was an incredible ride I got to love the characters even though I couldn t stand Thomas at the beginning I liked the love story, but I loved even Thomas story He is heartbreaking and an ass He is so vulnerable that you want to wrap him up and take care of him despite his assholeness Shay Savage has done it again It seems every tim ↠´ Offside ¹ 5 Onside Stars I m Thomas Malone, and I ve seen to it that the world revolves around me He s smart, popular and the girls love himhe uses them to his advantage.
You see he s the schools star soccer player He s being watched by soccer scouts for bigger things, he needs to focus on the game Then he meets Nicole his Rumple I wanted to know her.
I wanted her to know me.
Not the jerk at school.
Not the guy in the tux.
Not the goalie on the field.
Just me.
But I didn t know who that was.
My thoughts.
I so enjoyed this story Thomas was another of Shay Savage s tortured souls but although the main characters are younger, I was so totally taken with Thomas and NicoleTold through his POV, you get a wonderful but at times heartbreaking insight to this young man.
Now Thomas is a jerk with a capital JMy dad owns this town, I r UPDATE I was unaware this was Twilight fanfic when I read thisbecause I was not in the know and, apparently, I m completely and utterly unobservant as well Regardless, if you want a review that s kind of separate from the whole fanfic umbrella regarding this book, here you go I m Gonna Go With 3 Stars StarsI m not sure what I was expecting this book to be likethe blurb was kinda vague and Shay Savage can be kind of a wild card which I love she gave us both Surviving Raine and Transcendence after all two very different and very awesome books So when I cracked this one open I was excited But sadly, my overall feeling when I was done Please refrain from stoning me I am upset with myself also for not loving this but I will keep this brief and vague so that you too can go in blind and maybe read it differently then I did But for me it went like this

I loved this fanfiction story based on Twilight The book is well written, Shay Savage did an amazing job capturing male s POV again You might think it s YA but there were some hot sex scenes, so I m not sure about that, not to mention that Thomas likes to talk dirty in bed There was high school drama and angst, which I love, so naturally I loved this book There was a lot of twists, so it sometimes felt exaggerated but everything was well put together in the end I was utterly wooed by ending and epilogue, sweet and perfect The character development was good, especially when it comes to Thomas, I liked how he changed over the years There was a lot of references to Twilight, not annoying though but quite enjoyable In fact they were just an addition because the story was whole lotta different And they remided me good 4.
5 Rumples Stars SoI really liked this one I was a little worried at first A few things concerned me 1 The fact that it was Twilight fan fic.
Yes, there were a lot of similarities and because of that all I kept picturing were these two.
And various other scenes from the movie It didn t really bother me, I just found it amusing The storyline itself was different but there would be pieces here and there that you could tell came from Twilight 2 The fact that it took place in high school.
Yes, I am a slut and I like sex in my books AndI am pleased to say that this book did have some sex in it Just not nearly enough But what was there was HOT and Thomas, our hero, was quite the dirty talker in bed There was some drama.
some of it at times pretty immature I had to remind myself that this story takes place in high school And that I am 16 years removed from high school So sometimes it

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