Of Years Of Human History Stained By Strife, Death, And Sin Come To An End When The King Of Glory Returns To Earth The Satisfying Conclusion Of The Seven Years Of Tribulation Covered By The Left Behind Series Portrays The Return Of Jesus Christ To Earth In Both Glory And Judgment At The Height Of The Battle Between The Forces Of Evil Gathered At Armageddon And The Remaining Christian Believers At Petra And Jerusalem, ✓ Glorious Appearing ☆ Download by ñ Tim LaHaye Nothing Seems To Be Able To Stop The Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia But God Has Another Plan I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I finished this book, which i don t think was the reaction the authors were looking for I read the entire series and I think it could have been consolidated into about half of what it was and made a muchsolid story.
Problem one, a lot of the characters don t come to life for you and unfortunatly there the ones that stick around for most of the books The interesting ones, like David Hassid and Ken get killed off quickly and your stuck with the not so interesting ones Problem two, Do the authors really think that the antichrist who is indwelt by satan and his people are realy going to that foolish and cartoony That has always annoyed me through the entire set of books When Carpathia was human they didn t portray him that way but as soon as Satan enters him, him and all his higher ups turn into bumbling id I have to say I was most disappointed with this final installment of the Left Behind series It was almost as if the authors let out a huge sigh of relief We re finally there and just copy pasted from the Bible, along with a few poorly written insights from now one dimensional characters.
The first issue with this book is the writing style Overly simplistic, staccato writing no sense of flow, tension or relief Almost static, I d say Additionally, the overuse of the word himself drove me absolutely berserk God Himself, Jesus Himself, Satan himself, Carpathia himself, the enemy himself, Rayford himself, etc etc etc.
For goodness sake, find another way to express YOURself Additionally, if I may paraphrase a friend of mine, this installment is obnoxiously Evangelical I know the series as a whole has been criticized for its preachy agenda, but this book just wen I decided to hold off on a big review until I d finished the whole series, so except for a few notes here and there and a few attempts of full reports at the beginning this is the review of the whole series The Left Behind series chronicles a what if journey of the events in the New Testament s Book of Revelations From the moment when a good portion of Christians are raptured, the rest of the world is left wondering what happened Many already know and are left to attempt survival over the next several years, through the rise of the Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia, several plagues, and the final battle between Satan and God The story starts with a core group of new believers and branches out through the rest of the series, bringing in new characters, taking out some key ones, and throwing some action, s For sheer unintentional comedy value, you can t beat this final almost volume in the LEFT BEHIND saga At last the PRINCE of PEACE returns, and what does HE do Slaughters people by the millions But they re sinners, so it s okay No really, it s okay HE says so.
I read this mainly for the gory bits JESUS CHRIST LORD OF LORDS blasting people apart with his Voice o Doom Chucking the AntiChrist and False Prophet into Hell throwing everyone else who wasn t a True Believer into Hell and HE is supposed to be the hero And I suppose HE is This series is, after all, the ultimate revenge fantasy.
For all the supernatural boom boom and Flame Chucking that takes place, the only really interesting bits were the scenes that picked up from the previous book such as Rayford s predicame This book touched me so deeply The visuals of God speaking to each person at the same time, but each hearing their own name was just breathtaking to me Especially to imagine that the reality, when it comes, will be evenfantastic that we can imagine I am thankful to have read this and was left with beautiful images of Christ and God s love for each of us Just wonderful.
Glorious Appearing Ñ Hold on to your britches, here come the bible passages And there are LOTS of them Sort of hard to find the story in the middle of them sometimes.
Which, I get, is the point of the whole series But having read it mostly for fiction value, it was a major bog down My favorite part The concept of getting to see and meet every Old Testament saint, and mingling with them for a millenium Very cool.
I should have left this book behind at the library Out of all 12 books, this one was by far the most ridiculous I can t believe I read them all I m still not sure how I managed that feat The authors stretched the arrival of Jesus to 400 pages I could have done it in four sentences Jesus comes Bad people die Good people are reunited with their loved ones The end At this point, the characters are almost cartoonish Carpathia and Leon are so ridiculous, they could have been in the movie Dumb and Dumber Even Jesus was disappointing and he was Jesus I think I m done with these books No Left Behind The Kids, no prequels I think the authors missed the money they were making so they continued the saga for as long as possible They will have to continue it without me I shall have to say, I REALLY liked this one The entire story after Jesus came back to earth had me in tears One part of me can t WAIT for that to happen another part of me is scared that it ll happen too soon, because I m not sure all my loved ones are saved yet.
This is one of the most powerful books my husband and I have read We took turns reading it and reading it aloud to each other We laughed, we cried and we were awed by the writing I know it is a fiction novel, but it touched our hearts in many ways We have every book in the entire Left Behind series and have read each one,than once We especially loved this one Jeannie Walker Award Winning Author of I Saw the Light

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