Secret Admirer is the story of Grace and Scott.
The story begins in an elevator The heroine is dressed in a mink coat, trapped in the elevator with a stranger and his date When it malfunctions, they are stuck for a while Consequently, the heroine gets dizzy, only for the hero to unwillingly strip her and witness her birthday suit.
Months later, we are reintroduced to the heroine who has been a grieving widow, trying to keep her husband s sinking company afloat with the help of his partner Things change when his old business associate shows up, and it is none other than the stranger Hence begins a extremely passionate but slow burn romance with a relentlessly persuasive and determined hero, a cautious heroine, steaming kisses and beautiful l Review Secret Admirer by Susan NapierEx model and recent widow Grace gets stuck in a lift with Scott and Scott s old lady date Grace is wearing a long mink coat and Scott s lady is making comments about fur and Grace wishes that she would just shut up She s really feeling very warm wrapped in the coat, and it s not hers, and she doesn t care about animal skins at the moment, she s got bigger problems.
And Scott s about to find out what one of those bigger problems is He gets insistent that Grace take the coat off before she falls over with heat exhaustion and then discovers that she s not wearing much underneath Rosebud panties She s wearing rosebud panties He s hooked.
Really embarrassed, Grace manages to get away, but a few months later she gets advanced warning that Scott s found her Under PressureRunning Into A Potential Business Partner Late At Night In A Broken Elevator When One Was Wearing A Glamorous Fur With Nothing On Underneath Was Awkward, But Grace Blair Was Cool Enough To Handle A Hot SituationHer Poised, Controlled Demeanor Belied The Insecurity She Felt Taking Over Her Late Husband S Business Empire, But Scott Gregory Was Able With One Caressing Glance To Strip Away All Her Pretenses Especially Since The Handsome New Zealander [ read Online Secret Admirer ¾ transport PDF ] by Susan Napier ↠´ Had Made It Clear From Their First Inauspicious Meeting That In Business, Knowledge Was Power And That He Knew Exactly What He WantedA YEAR DOWN UNDER I am beginning to have a great fondness for Susan Napier Despite the old school me man, you woman interaction, she created a nice surprise with this story Well worth a few hours of time Old reviewers, please go back and put spoiler alerts in.
With my second book by the author, Susan Napier has landed in my list of favorite Harlequin romance authors Even with the 2 books that I have read, I have come to identify with the fact that her books have those elements that continually surprises the reader, which is no mean feat when someone like myself who has read and loved 1000 s of romances can pick up a novel and be drawn into the story because of the opening chapter itself.
Secret Admirer kick starts with seven month widower Grace Blair being caught in an elevator with the man who turns her orderly and well controlled life around Grace cannot help but be equal parts horrified and fascinated with the turn of events that takes place in the elevator, nor can she forget the heat that had blazed into life in the stranger s eyes, who continues to haunt and taunt her in vivid dreams of the erotic variety.
When Scott Full review at Ë Secret Admirer Ç Super cute, fun, and actually unique I can honestly say I ve never read an HP with this particular twist view spoiler namely, the Hero being a virgin and the heroine not hide spoiler

Where has this book been all this time I was a bit leery reading something from so far back, given the trend of cloyingly dominating men and rape y romances, but this is as far from the convention as you get Our heroine, Grace boards an elevator in a fur coat and nothing else underneath it Unfortunately, the lift breaks down and it gets warm and suffocating.
Just as she s feeling a bit faint, a handsome stranger tries to help her outThe hero was pretty much the typical 90s alpha and dominant type but he knew to respect Grace s intelligence and opinions I really really want to list the squee points of this, but there are TONS of pleasant surprises in store Definitely recommended to everyone.
Re Secret Admirer Susan Napier does a true unicorn event in HPlandia with a stalkery stalkerific H and a nice but not very knowledgeable widowed h who needs some fast lessons in running her dead hubby s company.
This story starts with one of the most interesting H h meetings in all of HPlandia The h is wearing nothing but full length mink and some white cotton undies with little rosebuds when she rushes into the elevator that contains the H and his Lady Mucky Muck date for the evening She had accepted an offer of a swimsuit modeling shoot and the photographer, whom she knew and trusted, tried a very clumsy pass and took her clothes and locked them in the bathroom While he was getting drinks, the h grabbed the closest covering she could find the fur coat and ran for it The lift gets stuck and Lady Mucky Muck, who is i Rating 10 out of 5 OMany know that I am not a big fan of the older harlequin romances I find titles like The Tycoon s Baby Mother or The Millionaire s Mistress a huge turn off, let alone their plot lines which make my feminist ideals sizzle in anger.
This book caught me completely off guard.
I was casually scrolling through my iPhone s Goodread app where there is an Explore button Having pressed that, I came upon a list called virgin heroes.
Yes, I know, most of you who know me are probably rolling your eyes right now But I can honestly tell you that even if that little bit of information was incorrect and I certainly thought it was, for the better part of the story , I still would have loved this book as much I mightn t have started reading it if it wasn t on that list, but if I had somehow stumbled upon this book and read the blurb I would have g

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