A pretty interesting book, but not what I expected It s very focused on Attachment behaviour in animals, but when the author talks about human babies, is not very focused in the problems caused by bad Attachment behaviour And I have to recognize that the book is a bit boring An insightful examination of the beginnings of childhood Attachment theories.
This book begins as quite dry but once Bowlby begins talking about actual Attachment it s very interesting The preceding chapters I d guess over half the book are focused on biology and evolutionary components that are interesting, but hard to apply directly to clinical work It appears to me at least that in his writing Bowlby attempts to find a common ground between psychoanalysis object relations and drive theory mainly and abehavioral output He does however argue against behaviorism writ in stone, as stating that this is about external situations, whereas Attachment and analysis are about internal experiences.
I read both Volumes 1 and 2 I would probably rate this as 3.
75 stars It is not easy reading but it s fascinating This book is groundbreaking not just because of the introduction to Attachment theory but also due to his observational methodology which was a new method in psychological research.
First Volume Of John Bowlby S Attachment And Loss Series Examines The Nature Of The Child S Ties To The Mother Beginning With A Discussion Of Instinctive Behavior, Its Causation, Functioning, And Ontogeny, Bowlby Proceeds To A Theoretical Formulation Of Attachment Behavior How It Develops, How It Is Maintained, What Functions It Fulfills In The Fifteen Years Since Attachment Was First Published, There Have Been Major Developments In Both Theoretical Discussion And Empirical Research On Attachment The Second Edition, With Two Wholly New Trailer Ð Attachment PDF by ò John Bowlby Chapters And Substantial Revisions, Incorporates These Developments And Assesses Their Importance To Attachment Theory

Foundational seminal work from Bowlby It is important reading in order to understand research that has built on Bowlby s work This work is relevant still to contemporary understanding of human Attachment Essential reading to understand the effect of Attachment on consequent loss.
↠´ Attachment æ worth reading, again, and again, Seriously if your not a psych major or professional you will read it again and again to understand A great book helping me rethink my desastrous and damaging early childhood.
it s good to help you finish your paper Recommended by Sacha Baron Cohen on 5books.

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