This book is recommended for those who needs laugh My MP friend Efi wrote about this book in her journal and recommended me to read it thanks,jeng , with foreword by Farhan talkshow presenter in local TV, apparently her boss at work , this book made me laugh, endlessly she is witty and charming, luuuv it PS For those of you that live in land far,far, away from Indonesia you can read Miund mumbles at www.
com Berjalan Jalan Di Metro Plaza Senayan Bersama Wenni Dan TiyasPernyataan Bodoh Saya Bo, Gue Nggak Ngerti Deh Ama Superman Baru Kenapa Ya Ketika Dia Jadi Clark Kent Itu Rambutnya Gonjes, Tapi Kalo Jadi Superman Teh Cepak Ga Berantakan Lagi Kalo Terbang Edan Yah Tanggapan Tolol Pertama Tiyas Mungkin Pake Hairspray Tanggapan Tolol Kedua Wenni Ih Kalo Gue Mah Gak Mikirin Rambutnya Yang Gue Gak Ngerti Superman Itu Kenapa Matanya Pake Infra Red Hari Gini Jamannya Udah Bluetooth Gitu Loohh Percakapan Di Atas Hanya Salah Satu [Miund] ó GOKIL!: Sebuah Kompilasi Kedodolan [vegan PDF] Ebook Epub Download å Bagian Dari Kumpulan Blog Miund Ya, Ini Nama Orang , Seorang Perempuan Twenstysomething Di Jakarta Masih Banyak Lagi Berbagai Bahasan Ringan, Lucu, Dan Tajam Tentang Kehidupan Sehari Hari Dalam Buku Ini Disajikan Dengan Idealis Tanpa Menggurui Kadang Tampak Termehe Mehe , Naif, Bingung Dengan Langkah Yang Diambil, Yang Akhirnya Membuat Tulisan Pekerja Kreatif Ini Jadi Lucu, Dalam, Sekaligusgokil Kombinasi Menghibur Antara Humor, Intelektualitas, Dan Kecerdasan Dewi Lestari Buku Ini Penting Gila Buat Gaul, Supaya Kita Gak Basi Kalo Lagi Nongkrong VJ Daniel Sungguh Buku Yang Benar Benar Penting Arie Dagienk I own a personalised autographed copy and I wont swap.
sell maybe It s like having Miund by my side all the time having known not too long but it seems like forever Miund and have shared some interesting waking hours in and out of the city country, it s strange to read her and not just talk to her But it s a good strangenot a bad one this coming from a stranger than life type of being moi This should not be printed At least according to me.
This book is cool.
I bet u ll laugh all the time.
I used read it before i sleep.
Damn it s so amusing.
Try to read it guys.
I promise u wont regret it.
 GOKIL!: Sebuah Kompilasi Kedodolan ☆ sorry, Mbak Miundbut it wasn t as good as I thought.
Pretty entertaining but not funny enoughA good start, though.
keep up the good work

you have to know the writer in person to understand this book better.
This book contains some articles from her previous blog at blogdrive she s already moved her blog address to I like the way she tells her story she talks freely with no burden on her words I also like her cleverness on catching some simple stuffs that might also happen on our life into a fun story.
the articles of this book is good to be read one by one after you finished one article, I suggest you to take a break for a while before continue reading it.
my favorite post is of course the Unyil Conspiration it takes me to years ago when I was still on elementary school or even when I still a kid who just fun to play a home.
Frankly speaking, I found it a bit tiring reading this book I skipped some pages because I wasn t that patient to have blog posts served in one go and having to jump all the time It was tiring for me because the writings give the impression of a yelling or screaming mode I don t know why But maybe because there were so many cursing words in it The author might want to try writing a novel, then maybe it ll be less tiring for some people like me Or maybe because people like me aren t used to continuous jumps

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