Solving One Case Of Corporate Crime, Sedona Expected To Get Her Peaceful Life Back Problem She Is Still A Manager At Strandfrost, And There Is Still Rampant Jealousy Over Her Promotion Is The Danger Of Being Railroaded By Her Not So Illustrious Colleagues Worse Than Taking A New Undercover Job From Steve Huntington Crooks Are Coming Out Of The Woodwork And Family Troubles Are Stewing Sedona Needs To Keep Her Sanity Intact, Piece Together Mismatched Clues And Dodge Than One Stray Bullet If Download Epub Format ☆ Executive Retention (A Sedona OHala Mystery, #2) PDF by ☆ Maria E.
Schneider She Can Manage All Of That, Maybe She Ll Have Time To Figure Out Whether Her Love Life Stands A Chance the books get better as they go along I really enjoyed it.
Sedona O Hala returns for another exciting mystery as she finds herself in danger of losing her job at Strandfrost When Steve Huntington offers her a chance to assist him in another corporate mystery, she hesitates but agrees to help him by going undercover at Acetel a company with quite a bit of business but not much money to show for it Sedona s job is to find out where all the money is going.
In the midst of everything, her sister in law is about to have a baby and desperately needs Sedona s advice on how to handle her boss Not to mention that Sedona finds herself quite attracted to Steve, as well as his brother Mark Things get pretty dicey as she can t distinguish the good guys from the bad guys.
This story has it all mystery, twists, and even a dash of romance This is the second book in the Sedona O Hala Mysteries The first was Execut

Sedona O Hala returns along with those Huntington brothers that seem to always lead her into the line of fire In this edition she is undercover at Acetel, an IT firm, who seems to have a problem somewhere because their numbers just aren t adding up Sedona needs to track down not only the who, but the what and why to solve this companies issues.
On the personal front, Sedona s sister in law is hosting Thanksgiving and Sedona even brings a guest.
Dollycas s ThoughtsFirst let me say there are no recipes at the back of this cozy mystery and after you read about the family s Thanksgiving dinner you will understand why Hilarious I enjoyed this spunkier version of Sedona The author is getting comfortable with her protagonist and her other prime characters as well The relationships between them are all growing, some even a little unexpected.
The plot was original but at times a bit too tech The supporting characters are a lot of fun Between Radar, Becky and Brenda I had a few laugh out loud moments.
In spite of good sales s Acetel Services bottom line is so low that even massive layoffs have the heads of the firm hiring Steve Huntington to investigate Of course that means Sedona s going to be asked to do the undercover work there and after the Standfrost job does she really want to Back to being a tester, Sedona finds herself rubbing up against hunky Mark while hiding in the server room when she can t figure out which employees are friends or criminals With her family life in a whirl now that Brenda is pregnant, Sedona s love life a jumble, and her career in an uproar, Sedona s investigative skills are improving sort of Good thing she s good at her testing job

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