Double Deception was a decent OMEGA book about Blade and Victoria who have been circling each other for years and when they are handed a mission dealing with the lost Russian Amber Room sparks fly Victoria doesn t like or trust Blade s reputation with women having an ex just like that One thing I disliked was how quick Blade was to distrust her and then bam suddenly all is fine.
I kind of also didn t like the knife pulling thing, it got old and I didn t get where Blade s mistrust came from and his past is never talked about.
I liked the very first book of this seriesand read on just for continuity and nostalgia I guess I am a SERIES follower.
This is the 10th installment in Lovelace s Code Name Danger series It is Blade s and Rebel s story I really liked this book a lot It kept me on my toes I like a story where it takes the whole book to solve a mystery.
The matter of the Amber Room in Russia has long interested me, perhaps because I find amber itself so fascinating That means that I ve also seen documentaries on TV about this lost treasure While I was in Vienna, Austria I went to see Schoenbrunn Palace just outside the city, which also has a room decorated with a lot of amber After seeing it, I wondered how muchbeautiful the other must have been.
The setting post Cold War Russia and the suspense plot centering on the mysterious disappearance of the Amber Room definitely got my attention I loved the mood of the story and the spy vs spy action However, the relationship between the leads left something to be desired Here s my TBR Challenge 2012 column on the book ↠´ Double Deception Å Agents and double agents love and trust A good suspense story.
another spy book, but this one involves a favorite WWII mystery of mine, the disappearance of the Amber Room.
May Not Leave Russia AliveAs Sharp Witted As His Code Name Blade Implies, Spy Clint Black Is Used To Having The Upper Hand But Now He S A Prisoner, Trapped By Dangerous Criminals And A Gorgeous Woman Who Just Might Be A Double Agent Or His Only Chance To Stay AliveSpecial Agent Victoria Talbot Is As Icy As The St Petersburg That Surrounds Her She Needs To Be To Succeed In Her [Merline Lovelace] ð Double Deception [chick-lit PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Quest That Means Racing Against Time To Find A Mysterious Treasure And Keep Her Reluctant Hostage Safe But She S Not Above Torturing Her Handsome Captive, Stoking Flames Of A Desire That S Hardly Covert Will This Be Their Last Mission Together, Or Just The Beginning Of A Lifelong Partnership Miniseries Code Name Danger

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