This book is a quick read I enjoyed the main and side characters A forced marriage is always a rocky start and makes for an interesting story I think Laura Landon did an excellent job with this book I look forward to readingof her work.
LovelyA wonderful story of redemption and faith After seeing all of her sisters marry men they love, and then suffer the embarrassment of infidelity, Allison is determined she will be different She has it written in the marriage contract A true relationship blooms, beset by evil intentions and past tragedies.
I bought this book because of it s price I ve heard bad things about the cheaply priced ebooks, but this one was worth the money I paid for it andI liked both the lead characters The way they met had me laughing, but I truly believed that they had come to love each other I have another book by this author on my Nook and I think that will be up next I also would love to try out the Victorian novels mentioned at the end of the book I ve been looking forbooks set in that era.
I loved the way this story started Joshua Camden, the Marquess of Montford meets Allison in the back of a garden and grabs her from behind thinking she is the widow he planned to meet He kisses her neck and runs his hands over her body Allison hates rakes, she slaps him and tells him what she thinks of him in some very unflattering terms Sweet love story I have to say though it made me tense, and knowing what was about to happen made it even worse The synopsis covers it pretty well, but doesn t mention the Marquis father that made his life and his wife s life a living hell I almost want to rate it lower for having his father in the story I have to say that I enjoyed her previous bookshattered Dreams But I do enjoy Landon s writing style.
Nice sweet light read It was believable as I think the hero and heroine were already half in love with each other when they got married just personal rational that made them not want to marry each other if given the choice I wished Allison hadself control in the beginning when she first met him as she was supposed to not like him I also wished she was stronger in the early stages of marriage instead of using sex as a way to keep him This bothered me a little His behavior was believable throughout the marriage as I think he already liked her a great deal before the marriage view spoiler I liked how he stood up for her regarding her stance for fidelity at the end hide spoiler

Allison is scared that her rake husband will be unfaithful, while Joshua deals with his hateful father Nicely written, but the bond between the two wasn t fleshed out at all For some reason, the author decided to go the hit the reader over the head route with the title theme in the last 15% of the book, which came out of nowhere and suffocated the story.
A Matter of Choice ì A Matter of ChoiceThis was one of the better books I ve read in awhile in that the characters didn t make me completely crazy with their bad decisions I should say it s the authors that make the characters making these horrible decisions but sometimes I find myself screaming at how idiotic the story unfolds Not so with this one Thank you, Laura for a decent story and not getting my blood pressure up for all the wrong reasons.
I always enjoy Laura s books and this was no exception A really good plot about a love born from a business arrangement Joshua and Allison are strong, believable characters There is plenty to enjoy from this story.
Frequently I like forced marriage stories because they are about two people learning to work together cooperatively as a couple In this one, I felt that the inevitable conflict was too obvious.
She has been badly wounded by a man previously Her fiance was shot dead in bed with another man s wife Also, her sisters are all in non faithful relationships, at least on the husbands part Allison is very sensitive to the thought of people laughing at her for being cheated on I find this interesting, as it is presented as pretty normal, and most wives in the book were dealing with the same problem So her anxiety about being laughed at or pitied seemed sort of overblown.
Allison, of course, meets poor little rich boy Montfort, and instantly dismisses him, because he s a rake In fact, it was pretty infelicitous, as he kissed her under the impression she was his chere amie.
Thro Camden, Marquess Of Montfort, Will Do Everything In His Power To Save His Precious Graystone Manor Even Take A Wife He Doesn T Want But He Isn T Prepared For The One Demand The Woman Who Holds The Power To Save His Precious Graystone Makes That He Remain Faithful ForeverLady Allison Townsend Would Rather Go To Her Grave A Spinster Than Marry A Man Who Embarrasses Her With His String Of Mistresses But When She S Given No Choice But To Marry One Of London [ Pdf A Matter of Choice É thelema PDF ] by Laura Landon É S Most Well Known Rakes And Womanizers, She Refuses To Go To The Altar Without A Stipulation Of Her Own That The Man She Marries Never Share His Bed With Another WomanBut Neither Allison Nor Joshua Is Prepared For The Dangers They Re Forced To Face And The Choices They Re Forced To Make To Protect Their Happiness As Well As Their Hearts

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