Wentworth, Once A Wealthy, Privileged English Landowner, Is Convicted Of Murdering Her Husband After Being Transported To A Penal Colony In New South Wales While Pregnant, Bryony Gives Birth To Her Child, Then Loses It To Fever Captain Hayden St John Collects Her From The Prison So That She Can Become A Wet Nurse For His Son Grief Stricken Over The Loss Of His Wife, Hayden Is Bitter And Untrusting Bryony, Fearful Trailer ✓ Night in Eden PDF by Û Candice Proctor And Angry At Her Fate, Finds Much To Resent In Hayden, But His Child Offers Her A New Will To Live Although Hayden And Bryony Fight Their Attraction, Their Union Is So Deeply Passionate That It Seems Nothing Can Threaten Their Happiness Until Bryony S Past Comes To Haunt Her So good I think this is the first novel by Candace Proctor, aka C.
S Harris, aka C.
S Graham Her sister is Penelope Williamson.
Top Marks An outstanding historical western set in Australia in 1808 The British Welsh heroine, Byrony Wentworth, is falsely convicted of murder and sent to a penal colony in New South Wales, where she gives birth, but her baby dies Because she has milk, she is farmed out as an indentured servant at a huge cattle ranch, hired by widower Captain Hayden St John to serve as housekeeper and wet nurse to his infant son What a bastard he is a cold, unrelenting jerk for a long time Until Gripping Captivating Poignant It s grim for a long time The intense despair sucked me right in the injustices caught me by the throat, and I FELT the unrelenting sun and the dry red earth under my feet It s gritty, grim, and sexy Then it becomes tender and sweet,promi Candice Proctor C.
S Harris is spectacular This book is cracking The initial scene is incredibly vivid as are many others, and it s about a female convict I wish I had the energy to write a better review, but I m reading a lot on a beautiful weekend for a reason, which is I don t feel well, so reviews will have to wait a bitBest I can say is can you get your hands on this If yes,read it some sensitive content though If you re a lover of historical romance or even romantic historical fiction and are looking for something different to the typical London Regency Victorian era romance, then this book should probably go straight to your TBR pile.
How wonderful to read a bona fide Romance novel set in early 1800 s New South Wales, Australia, instead of England And what a setting This is no wallpaper historical Here you will get the harsh, bleak, majestic and brutal landscape and life of colonial Australia with all its splendour and hardship.
Convicted of the manslaughter of her husband, Bryony Wentworth is a convict, transported from Cornwall to the colonies in New South Wales A year ago, she was the loving mother of a sweet 2 year old, with another on the way Now, a prisoner in the Female Factory, she is forced to become a slave t Night in Eden is one of those books that will stay with you forever Most books I read are decent enough and entertain me, but over time they fade in my memory and I can t really remember the details A select few books are so incredible that they are vivid in my mind long after I finish reading them This is one of those Hayden and Bryony are what make this book so fantastic The chemistry that these two share is so hot, laced with tension, and palpable that I found myself breathless at times These are two people that want each other desperately and take their own sweet time giving in to their desire, but once they dowatch out I liked each character extremely wellwhich was refreshing I usually like onethan the other They were extremely suited to one another and are for sure on my Top 10 Favorite Couples list Wh There are, generally speaking, two types of historical romance 19th century British romance subdivided into Regency and Victorian romance , which is all about lords and ladies and balls and there is also 19th century Western romance, which is about cowboys and settlers and Indians There is not, however, a particularly dedicated outflow of historical romance about 19th century Australian penal colonies, and after reading Night in Eden, I really must wonder why the hell not In this book, Candice Proctor delivers a sensual tale of two broken people brought together by death and loss and a cruel society who, somehow, forge a life together This book is well written and sexy, and maybe evenimportantly unique.
Convicted with manslaughter on account of her husband s death, Bryony is transpor ↠´ Night in Eden ↠´ I loved this bk A hidden gem It was astonishingly realistic it was not all dancing rainbows fairies and shit it was a PROPER love story with omg omg the hero Arrrghh The sexual tension btwn the two was sizzling i very much respected the h for sticking to her principles but i cudnt help scream at her to let him hav u lady or ill take him off ur hand Hehehe wow he was something else For some reason he reminded me of Hugh jackman in the movie Australia u know wat i mean the scene where he throws the water over his hot dirty body Hmmmmm Lol Ok ill shut up im not making sense Im still on a bk high Weeee so good Highly rec 5 stars historical romance I just love it when a book ends up being a real treasure worth savoring This book was suggested on one of the discussion forums onand from the synopsis itself, it sounded like a book that I would love And from the first page itself, this book captivated me by its wonderful charm and didn t let go long after I finished the book.
Bryony Wentworth is unjustly sentenced to spend her life in servitude in New South Wales for the murder of her husband Oliver Wentworth With her daughter Madeline snatched right out of her arms screaming for her mama, the only thing that keeps Bryony going is the unborn babe inside of her But life and its cruelty took Philip her son away in death and it nearly drives Bryony mad with grief and anger.
Captain Hayden St J Night in Eden, by Candice Proctor Five full stars An exceptional book one of the best I ve read so far this year A realistic look at life in 1808, New South Wales and the struggle to carve out a life in a strange, forbidding land Within just a few pages I was enthralled with the story The harsh brutality of the beautiful Australian setting is not just a wallpaper backdrop, but actually a vital ingredient to the flavor of this book The Government House, Parramatta, Australia One of the things I loved about it is that our heroine, Bryony, is at first truly afraid of our hero, Hayden She s not swooning with lust and sighing over his masculinity like so many romance novel heroines do when they are in close proximity of I added this book to my TBRthan a year ago, when I saw it recommended in a book group using keywords like emotional, angsty, unique, etc But sadly, TBRs being what they are, this fell way down the list and without my library owning it, I likely never would have read it Then suddenly I devoured Sebastian St Cyr and soon discovered this was a pen name for C.
S Harris, and I tracked down a copy of this bookand boy am I glad It makes me sad to think of never experiencing this beautiful, heartbreaking book I held my breath through half of it, in anticipation of the next heartbreaking moment, because oh was there heartbreak And in this, her debut, it is clear how Candice has always written about the grittier side of life and how well she knows human emotion She writes some of the best heroines, full of inner

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