TALE OF THE ENDLANDS A KINDLE SINGLE PREVIEW SHORT STORY FROM THE ANTHOLOGY A PRAYER FOR DEAD KINGS AND OTHER TALES Charan Moved Past Her To Drop To His Knees He Gripped The Stinking Grate, Ignored The Heady Slime Of Blood And Offal That Clung To Its Corroded Bars As He Shifted It From Practiced Memory A Particular Twist, A Specific Positioning That Would Disengage It From The Stones That Surrounded Them He Felt It Come Loose, Lifted It Carefully Below, [Scott Fitzgerald Gray] ✓ A Space Between [mormonism PDF] read Online ☆ The Mouth Of A Narrow Well Opened Up To Darkness The Sewers Jalina Said From Behind They Ll Search Every Sewer And Tunnel Within A League Of The Castle To Find Him If You Insist On Telling Me Things I Already Know, Put Them To A Tune, At Least With A Flourish, Charan Stood Back, Beckoning Her Toward The Open Sluice Drain The Day S Wash Water Was Still Slick On The Stones, Dripping At The Edges Like A Rank Rain You Re Mad, She Said And A Fool, Apparently, And Proud Of Both Get In I Will Not You Will, Charan Said, Whether You Climb Or Whether I Drop You Smiling, He Advanced On His Sister As One Moved On A Disobedient Dog, Saw Her Flinch Despite Her Own Best Effort This Isn T Done Yet, But When It Is, You Ll Have An Empire To Rule The Scent Of Blood Is The First Thing You Need To Get Used To In A Dark Short Story Of Passion And Murder Unintended And Otherwise , Charan And Jalina Are Sibling Heirs To The Throne Of Empire Who Share A Bond Of Blood And A Grave Secret Both Of Which Threaten To Destroy Them When Their Father Is KilledA Prayer For Dead Kings And Other TalesAvailable Now At  A Space Between ↠´ Beautifully written A love hate relationship between brother and sister, spanning incest and murder Too dark and twisty for my taste.
I did not like much the ending maybe scarier than all the rest of the story but for the rest is a very interesting short story, full of horror and other horror, insanity, morally atrocious acts etc.
I don t suggest to read it if you re someone scared of the dark that is inside the human soul or if you re afraid that your lily white perfection might be damaged by acknowledging that darkness exist.
all I have to say about this is it was a little bit interesting and a lot weird The writing in this story is magnificent The author has an amazing command of the language, and I only noticed a single typo in the whole work which is really saying something in this age of e books The subject matter is dark and full of symbolism, and the descriptions are clear yet overflowing with imagery It is the kind of story that will haunt a reader s thoughts, and maybe even dreams, for weeks.
The only reason I hesitate to give it 5 stars is that it s a little too dark for my taste, but I haven t read anything as magnificently written in a very long time.

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