I reread this book, because I m about to start working on my own collection of short stories, and I wanted to reconnect to the book that inspired me to be a writer, 35 years ago.
I enjoyed it so muchas an adult than I did as a kid, because I have livedand haveof my own experiences to relate to the stories, characters, and experiences in the different chapters.
But the thing I loved the most about this was how much it inspired me to write my own stories, and how much it reminded me about plot, structure, and narrative in stories that are about 5000 words, each.
Really glad I read this again Thanks, Stephen King Also posted at my blog find it really difficult to review short stories, especially anthologies Night Shift is a collection of King s short stories, and if I m not mistaken, this is a collection of the first short stories he wrote in his early years of writing The most shocking thing you have to know is that the writing is not outdated That s the thing about King, I ve read his first book Carrie and the writing of it still felt like he wrote it months ago Amazing author indeed.
I m unsure of what to write here It would make this review damn long if I were to review each short story, so I ll just list down my favorites, and not so favorites, then give a brief explanation why I liked disliked it The ones not mentioned were either likable or boring Th King s first short story collection comes in at 4.
125 stars As you can see below, I rated and reviewed each story Then, I added all the ratings together and took the average to get my overall rating This was my second time through and better than I remembered A few stories that could be skipped, but you might as well read them all to get the full experience Jerusalem s Lot 4.
5 starsAnd earlier story of the same town and environs found in the novel Salem s Lot Written in a style letters and journal entries that reminded me a lot of horror classics like Dracula and Frankenstein This is a nice little taste of demonic shenanigans and eerie foreshadowing A great way to start off a short story collection Graveyard Shift 5 starsTime for some spring cleaning Nature is crazy sometimes Your boss can be a jerk sometim

These are short stories though not truly novellas which actually serve as delectable intros to popular King mythologies for a staggering example see or better yet, don t with the exception of Trucks a.
a Maximum Overdrive for B level entertainment and Children of the Corn with its quaint moments of childlike chills all the movies made from like eight of these tales Here, King is at his most bizarre, most morbid Most of his part time heroes just a few heroines, end up dead or suffering the loss of a child, wife, mother Sometimes one story seems to bleed onto another one by motif corn rats snow death machines death duh The editing I must admit is masterful The most avant garde stories bookend it nicely it even makes reference to Salem s Lot, one book I must admit I still have to read, and there are comical undertones some misogynist partsI love how un Stephen King this is, for someone As I continue my Stephen King binge, I seem to be leaningtowards his short story collections As I ve said before Stephen King is one of the best short story writers around Night Shift was a bit of a mixed bag but there were waygreat stories then bad ones.
My favorite stories were The Boogeyman in which a man learns to keep he s closet doors closed, Grey Matter in which we all learn that beer is bad, Sometimes They Come Back in which a teacher finds out that you can t out run your past, Quitters, Inc in which a man learns that he should have read the fine print, Children of the Corn kids are monsters and corn is important, and The Man Who Loved Flowers in which we meet a young man who won t give up on love I really only had 3 stories I disliked Number 1 was The Lawnmower Man I don t even want to talk about it It was awful Number 2 Trucks, so boring.
Number 3 Gravey Esta es una de esas antolog as que logran exitosamente balancear sus relatos al punto de resultar todos buenos, algunos en menor o mayor medida, pero no considero que haya ni uno malo Honestamente no me hab a adentrado mucho en las antolog as de King, pese a ser uno de mis autores favoritos Prefiero sus novelas, sin embargo esta recopilaci n de relatos me dej aterrada y muy satisfecha Hay relatos que me parecen totalmente ic nicos, y que fue todo un placer leerlos.
Pronto le har una rese a en mi canal contando cu les fueron mis relatos favoritos, por si gustan pasar ↠´ Night Shift ↠´ First read this collection when I was twenty, I think Not sure Does it matter Probably not Three things to mention before hitting you with my one sentence reviews I forgot how much of King s early work tied into these stories, and how much I enjoyed his non horror outings Truth be told, I probably didn t like theliterary stories that I read once upon a when because I was a tried and true idiot in those days I m still an idiot, but my wife turned me into a functioning idiot, and I say thankee sai Finally, this is probably the most fun anyone will ever have with a King collection There are stories in here that are simply fucking cool The concepts are fun, even if they are a tad bit violent, but there s a heaping helping of humor to go along with the sadness and the terror I don t think any other collection, nove Trust Your Heart To The New York Times Bestselling Master Of Suspense, Stephen King Especially With An Anthology That Features The Classic Stories Children Of The Corn, The Lawnmower Man, Graveyard Shift, The Mangler, And Sometimes They Come Back Which Were All Made Into Hit Horror Films Unbearable Suspense Dallas Morning News From The Depths Of Darkness, Where Hideous Rats Defend Their Empire, To Dizzying Heights, Where A Beautiful Girl Hangs By A Hair Above A Hellish Fate, This Chilling Collection Of [Stephen King] è Night Shift [urban-legends PDF] read Online É Twenty Short Stories Will Plunge Readers Into The Subterranean Labyrinth Of The Most Spine Tingling, Eerie Imagination Of Our TimeContents Introduction John D MacDonald In Foreword Fw Jerusalem S Lot Nv Night Shift, Garden City, NY Doubleday,Graveyard Shift Ss Cavalier OctNight Surf Ss Cavalier AugI Am The Doorway Ss Cavalier MarThe Mangler Nv Cavalier DecThe Boogeyman Ss Cavalier MarGray Matter Ss Cavalier OctBattleground Ss Cavalier SepTrucks Ss Cavalier JunSometimes They Come Back Nv Cavalier MarStrawberry Spring Ss Ubris FllCavalier NovThe Ledge Ss Penthouse JulThe Lawnmower Man Ss Cavalier MayQuitters, Inc Ss Night Shift, Garden City, NY Doubleday,I Know What You Need Nv Cosmopolitan SepChildren Of The Corn Nv Penthouse MarThe Last Rung On The Ladder Ss Night Shift, Garden City, NY Doubleday,The Man Who Loved Flowers Ss Gallery AugOne For The Road Ss Maine MarThe Woman In The Room Ss Night Shift, Garden City, NY Doubleday, Stephen King s first anthology The general rating is an average result of each individual rating of the stories contained in the anthology.
JERUSALEM S LOT Rating 3 stars This is a short story which serves as an introductory prequel if you later wanted to read Salem s Lot novel Set in 1850, Charles Boones inherited the Chapelwaite manor, which is feared by the people of Preacher s Corners town, and that has a dark connection with Jerusalem s Lot, a deserted village, quite near of the manor When you started to hear something inside the walls it s the beginning of the end GRAVEYARD SHIFT Rating 4 stars During the holiday weekend of Fourth of July, in a mill, it s offered to several employees to get an extra bonus for cleaning a very old basement that it hasn t bee Many readers consider this book to be one of Stephen King s most popular short story collections, and I can t disagree with that opinion mostly because it s only the second anthology by King I have read so far Many original horror stories are included in this collection, with most of them having been adapted into classic horror movies like Children of the Corn , Graveyard Shift or The Mangler In its entirety, however, I consider Night Shift to be a rather weak collection of short stories, and critics will certainly find affirmation that King is also able to write true crap But on the other hand, some of the best short stories which might be discovered in King s writing universe are included here.
In the following, I wil

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