This is the best self help book any entrepreneur could ever read Perhaps the only one they need to Truly transformative I have it on audio too and listen to it at the gym often.
Napoleon Hill was tasked by Andrew Carnegie to write a book on what made a successful person succeed, and he spent 20 years researching and interviewing every great name of the day Ford, Woolworth, Edison, etc , plus lots of people who failed because you have to know what doesn t work too This book is the result It basically hammers home a single point, over and over again Success comes from knowing what you want to achieve and having a burning desire to achieve it The starting point of all achievements is desire Keep this constantly in 3 fascinating, ridiculous but well meaning stars 2016 MOST AVERAGE OF AVERAGE AWARD Let me start with a childhood story As some of you know, I have an aunt that I love to bits She has been my anchor in childhood chaos, my wise teacher, my introduction to literature and opera, my favorite playmate and a believer in Jaidee through all my trials, challenges and tribulations Anyways back to the story I am about six and I am spending the day with her We went to Woolworth s for grill cheese and coke, walked in the park and came to the second hand bookstore where each week we would each choose a book I look up and lo and behold I see this book Think and Grow Rich I learned to read when I was four or so I said Auntie what is that book about She winked O how I loved her winks, with her long dar And Grow Rich Has Been Called The Granddaddy Of All Motivational Literature It Was The First Book To Boldly Ask, What Makes A Winner The Man Who Asked And Listened For The Answer, Napoleon Hill, Is Now Counted In The Top Ranks Of The World S Winners Himself The Most Famous Of All Teachers Of Success Spent A Fortune And The Better Part Of A Lifetime Of Effort To Produce The Law Of Success [Napoleon Hill] ☆ Think and Grow Rich [literary-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Philosophy That Forms The Basis Of His books And That Is So Powerfully Summarized In This OneIn The original Think and Grow Rich, Published In , Hill Draws On Stories Of Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, And Other Millionaires Of His Generation To Illustrate His Principles In The Updated Version, Arthur R Pell, PhD A Nationally Known Author, Lecturer, And Consultant In Human Resources Management And An Expert In Applying Hill S Thought, Deftly Interweaves Anecdotes Of How Contemporary Millionaires And Billionaires, Such As Bill Gates, Mary Kay Ash, Dave Thomas, And Sir John Templeton, Achieved Their Wealth Outmoded Or Arcane Terminology And Examples Are Faithfully Refreshed To Preclude Any Stumbling Blocks To A New Generation Of Readers Want to get rich Don t waste your hard earned money on Get Rich Quick books.
Ä Think and Grow Rich É I expected a practical guide to managing personal finance, but got something a little kooky On to the next one.
About his deaf son on page 37 We would not permit him to learn sign language We were determined that he should live a normal life and associate with normal children, and we stood by that decision, although it cost us many heated debates with school officials That stupid statement immediately made me dislike Napoleon Hill As someone who is hard of hearing and can function well in normal society , yet, knows sign language, I take offense to this I take offense that he thinks knowing sign language isn t normal and that he wanted his son hanging out with normal children Ugh.
By the end of Chapter 2, I didn t want to read any.
Not only did I dislike his opinion about deaf children, but this entire book is about making money Lots of it And how to do so And while his methods may work, I don t want to make a lot of money jus Overview 60% brilliant, 30% obvious, 10% batshit crazy and 100% worth readingNapoleon Hill s Think and Grow Rich is about than getting rich it s about getting what you want And while his no bullshit insights come with a liberal dose of craziness and well bullshit, his overarching philosophy is spot on Hill s recipe boils down to this to get what you want you must 1 desire, 2 believe, 3 act, and 4 persist.
First, the battinessHill s advice is always useful, even if not always completely truthful For instance, he repeatedly claims that thoughts can affect mother nature I don t think this is true, and Hill doesn t provide any evidence to support his claim, but his reader might be better off believing it Because thoughts do profoundly affect you And if you think you can affect nature by thought alone, and think accordingly, t

When my dad introduced me to this book he made it sound like every second I wasn t reading it was wasted I was skeptical After all, the book was written in 1960, and I hadn t ever heard of it But I gave it a try, just so my dad would drop it.
What I discovered is that rich people are rich because they re eccentric Well, maybe not eccentric, but definitely obsessed with the idea of making money I guess the one good thing this book did for me was help me realize what it would take for me to become rich I d have to forget distractions, such as my family, my church, and my health, and develop an all consuming lust for wealth The bottom line is that if I want money I have to love it and hunger after it and dream about it every waking minute of my life I think Napoleon is right Anyone that obsessed with money probably wil Timeless information, great words of wisdom, and excellent advice from, perhaps, the greatest personal development book ever published The principles can be used for anything that you desire I bought this bestseller from I was looking through some of the reviews and see that some people gave it five stars and some gave it only one I think if the people who gave it one star would practice the principles given in this book they would quickly upgrade their rating.
This book was published in 1937, during the Great Depression, and if the people who suffered during that time had read this book their lives might have been better.
It is really about convincing yourself to become wealthy It outlines the steps you need to take and the steps you need to avoid.
There are also a lot of interesting ideas in this book For example, sex transmutation is where you transfer the energy of your libido into other purposes Great people have done this Also, 99% of the public has no goal in life that is why they are stuck in jobs they do not want Most people do not succeed until they are

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