Dr Harleen Quinzel has a theory mental illness is a survival mechanism As she seeks to help the broken souls of Gotham City piece together their sanity she will become the one thing she fears the most one of them A bold new retelling of the tragic origin of Harley Quinn told through the eyes of

Batman, Vol. 13: City of Bane Part 2

Eisner Award winner Tom King reunites with Mikel Janin as he continues his bestselling Batman run Batman returns to Gotham just in time for the epic showdown with Bane n nThe bad guys thought they had it made with Bane in control, but with Batman back in Gotham they ll be reminded what justice feels

Batman: Damned

New York Times bestselling graphic novel n nThe Joker has been murdered His killer is a mystery Batman is the World s Greatest Detective But what happens when the person he is searching for is the man staring back at him in the mirror n nTHE JOKER IS DEAD n nThere is no doubt about that But whethe

The Oracle Code

The 1 New York Times bestselling author Marieke Nijkamp This Is Where It Ends and artist Manuel Preitano unveil a graphic novel that explores the dark corridors of Barbara Gordon s first mystery herself n nAfter a gunshot leaves her paralyzed, Barbara Gordon enters the Arkham Center for Independe

Batman: White Knight

He s been called a maniac, a killer and the Clown Prince of Crime but white knight Never Until now n nSet in a world where the Joker is cured of his insanity and homicidal tendencies, The Joker, now known as Jack, sets about trying to right his wrongs First, he plans to reconcile with Harley


What happens to the World s Finest if the world ends With death spreading across the planet, who will live and who will turn in this apocalyptic tale of heroism, sacrifice and annihilation n nIt s the end of the world as we know it n nSix hundred million people worldwide are instantly turned into vio

Gotham High

From the 1 New York Times bestselling author of Alex and Eliza and The Witches of East End comes a reimagining of Gotham for a new generation of readers Before they became Batman, Catwoman, and The Joker, Bruce, Selina, and Jack were high schoolers who would do whatever it took even destroy the o

Doomsday Clock Part 2

The epic conclusion to the critically acclaimed Doomsday Clock by the renowned team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank The truth behind DC Universe Rebirth is revealed, and the final fate of the DC Universe is decided in a confrontation between Superman and Dr Manhattan n nWhere or what i

Doomsday Clock Part 1

The world of Watchmen collides with the DC Universe in the most shocking story in DC history Written by master storytellers Geoff Johns and Gary Frank As the Doomsday Clock ticks toward midnight, the DC Universe will encounter with its greatest threat Dr Manhattan But nothing is hidden from Man